Video Game Review: Game Of Thrones, “You Win Or You Die” (PS3)


Game Of Thrones: A review in progress Game Of Thrones, an amazing fantasy series brought to us from the mind of George R. Martin. I read through the first two books in college and was amazed at Martin’s ability to juggle so many subplots. The characters seemed alive, complex and real as living breathing people. […]

E3 Post-Mortem: Nintendo


I’ll be blunt here; Nintendo’s in trouble. It’s been a hard crash for them. Wii sales fell off of a cliff, and the 3DS has faced challenges in the marketplace. Nintendo had to cut prices far earlier than anticipated, and the company is losing money for the first time ever. But there was a beacon […]

James Herbert, “The Dark” Book Review


As a horror fan, there is nothing I enjoy more than discovering a (to me) unknown author in the genre. It was with this that I approached James Herbert’s “The Dark”, the basic premise being a darkness descends that begins to drive people mad. There are other factors of course, a psychic investigator whose mentor […]

New New Super Mario Bros. 2 Character and Supporting Artwork

New Super Mario Bros 2 - 72386_CTRP_ABE_illu02_R_ad_fixed

Nintendo has released new character art for the upcoming New Super Mario Bros. 2. Bowser has once again kidnapped Princess Peach and Mario better go do his job and save her!  The game is due out on the Nintendo  3DS on August 19th, 2012 and the SRP is $39.99. I bet you can’t wait to […]

Okami HD Coming this Fall to the Playstation Network


In an announcement today, Capcom said it would be releasing Okami HD to the Playstation Network this fall. The digital download will be available for $19.99 USD.  In addition to HD quality graphics,  the Playstation Move integrated into gameplay and a suite of Playstation 3 trophies will be made available. [jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”1021″]In Okami, […]

iPad Games for Cats Reviews – Game for Cats and Fun and Games for Cats


While my husband and I were hanging out with some friends, the discussion drifted towards our respective cats. They had mentioned one of their cats absolutely loving an app on their iPad and whipped it out to demonstrate. Sure enough, the cat went nuts for it. Staring intently and pouncing. Obviously, being as doofy as […]

Funny Flea Market Finds: Episode One

Cars KO

For some, Love is their drug. For others, drugs are their drug. For me, it’s flea markets. They’re addictive — once you’ve experienced one, you feel the need to visit regularly or else you might miss some junk you don’t need that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. I love the discount deals on household items […]

Android App Review of HoverNote

This is going to create some distractions. I wish I could do this in Windows 8 and iOS.

Most mobile operating systems and even desktop operating systems are gradually moving away from the windowed model. Yet, constantly bobbing between applications doesn’t really fit every scenario, especially with the screen real estate of tablets. However, it’s possible to have floating apps that could sit on top whatever full screen work you’re doing, though not […]

“I Am Alive” but not living well

I Am Alive Game Art

[jwplayer config=”Custom Player” mediaid=”822″] I first heard of Ubisoft‘s I Am Alive while browsing the Playstation Network (PSN) and was hesitantly impressed by the stills provided. A quick browse of both youtube and other review sites, gave me justification to throw down cash for this downloadable game. The idea of an post apocalyptic world to explore, […]

Jet Set Radio Pre-E3 Teaser Video

Jet Set Radio - Grinding

SEGA has released a new teaser video for the upcoming Jet Set Radio remake release. Jet Set Radio is on my list of favorite games of all time. Needless to say, I’m pretty psyched. Jet Set Radio‘s initial incarnation was called Jet Grind Radio in the United States release and was exclusive to the SEGA […]

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