How To Resuscitate an Unfinished DVD


Thanks to the recent inclusion of USB ports and computer-to-TV data streaming in modern devices, I’ve discovered it’s a whole lot easier to store every video I’ve ever recorded on a couple hard drives instead of on hundreds and hundreds of DVD-Rs. It’s just more convenient to have it all accessible via one menu screen, […]

Batman Following

Batman Following

The 1998 indie thriller Following is notable for more than the fact that it’s a critically-acclaimed, award-winning independent film. It also happens to be the first full feature film written/directed by Christopher Nolan, who has now written/directed three of the most popular and successful comic-based movies ever. Seven years before Batman Begins scored big-time with […]

Walking Dead Downloadable Game, Xbox 360


The Walking Dead brought to us by Telltale games for PS3 and Xbox 360. I’d heard good things about the game(s) from a friend and decided to give it a chance. The graphics caught my attention right away, comic book like coloring overlaid on 3d models. The graphics over all are enjoyable and almost cheery […]

So THAT’S How It’s Spelled (or, Fun With Subtitles!)

This is how you spell the sound of air being blown through the lips.

If you don’t watch movies or TV shows with the closed captioning or subtitles on, you are missing out. Well, sort of. Let me explain. Captions/subtitles aren’t just beneficial for the hearing impaired or hard of hearing. After all, foreign films without subtitles would be… well, a lot more foreign. (Also, the people who can […]

Coraline, Neil Gaiman


I immensely enjoyed Gaiman’s “Books Of Magic” and “Sandman” , however this would be the first novel i’ve read of his. In “Coraline” Gaiman’s usual dark and dry sense of humor translates beautifully into a children’s tale, lending a gothic feel. Anyone who has seen the eponymous move, would know that Coraline is not what […]

Things That Drive Nerds Crazy: Antihumor


Nerds enjoy entertainment that rewards them for paying attention. They enjoy humor that makes sense in context and impresses them with unpredictability and cleverness. Their tolerance for bufoonish frat comedy or domestic family sitcoms are less than other people’s, but the one form of humor they really can’t stand is antihumor. Antihumor is, in basic […]

Nerdcore Watch: July

This month’s hottest Nerdcore Hiphop releases: Already Out: Childish Gambino – Royalty Just in time to celebrate the anniversary of America’s independence, Community’s Donald Glover dropped a brand new mixtape under his rap alter-ego, Childish Gambino. Between a solid chart showing for his commercial debut, Camp, and long overdue recognition from HipHop aficionados thanks to […]

Conan’s Barbaric Cimmerian Adventure, Bargain Bin Reviews


Review of “Conan” for Xbox 360,   So I thought a series of “bargain bin” reviews might be in order. The majority of gamers find themselves browsing through the 75% off bins, on occasion.   Conan has been most recently portrayed in film by Jason Momoa, however he’s also had successful runs as a Marvel […]

Outland: It’s Out There, All Right


As a super-hardcore, ultra-devoted, boot-licking Bloom County fan “4” life, it’s kind of annoying to me that the most famous strip Berkeley Breathed ever created was something about a cockroach looking into a pair of briefs. There are so many better ones, like the this Bill the Cat strip that I regard as the greatest […]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: Not For Me, But Maybe For You


Allow me to start by saying I know I am painfully lucky to have my geeky hands on this device. Getting tickets to Google IO took staying up all night, and even they sold out in a mere 5 minutes, in spite of doubling the price for attendance. Yet, personally, I’ve never really had much […]

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