Angry Birds 2 to Release This Month

angry birds 2

Rovio Games has revealed that Angry Birds 2 will release on July 30. The official sequel to the original Angry Birds game will be first shown at a special event on July 28 and then released across various platforms two days later. Although the developer has not stated exactly what devices will be supported, it […]

Star Wars App Released For iOS and Android

star wars rogue squadron

Don’t have enough Star Wars in your life? Well, Disney and Lucasfilm seek to change that because they have officially launched a Star Wars app for you to download for free via Google Play or the App Store. So what’s in the Star Wars app? Here’s the breakdown: Instant notifications on big announcements, including trailer releases […]

Smartphone version of Hearthstone will support crossplay


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will support crossplay and contain all of the same features that are on the versions currently available on PC, Mac and tablets. Lead designer Eric Dodds has revealed in an interview with Gamespot that smartphone users will experience the same game as other players and will be able to compete with […]

Nintendo developing smartphone games and new console in the works


Nintendo has announced today that it has entered into a business partnership with Japanese firm DeNA to create mobile games and apps for smartphone devices. While Nintendo has largely stayed clear of the smartphone market, which has seen exponential growth over the past five years, this new arrangement will see the company develop games specifically […]

Marvel Mighty Heroes Coming to Save the Day for Mobile Devices

Marvel Mighty Heroes

DeNA Games and Marvel Entertainment have announced a new upcoming Marvel mobile video game title called Marvel Mighty Heroes. The game will be available for iOS and Android devices later this year. The game looks to be using chibi-fied design versions of everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes in battle. The design style looks quite similar to […]

The Future of Godus Looks Bleak At Best


The last few days have seen a flurry of stories in regards to Peter Molyneux’s latest god game Godus.  Firstly, John Walker of Rock, Paper, Shotgun wrote a piece looking at the fractured state of the game and how it seems unlikely that it will ever meets its lofty Kickstarter goals. Eurogamer meanwhile have today […]

Scribd Starts Netflix-Like Service For Comics


Scribd, a subscription service that provides an all-you-can eat selection of books and audiobooks, has now added comic books to its lineup. Available today, Scribd’s comic section contains more 10,000 comic books from various publishers that you can read on computers, phones and tablets. Scribd isn’t the first to this party. Individual publishers Marvel and […]

It Had To Happen: The Frozen C-Section Game


When you think about it, once the right elements were combined, it was inevitable. You take the unstoppable, incurable mania of this nation’s young girls for all things Frozen, and an app store that’s heavily regulated yet allows ripoffs of anything to slip through, and what do you get? You get an unlicensed app game […]

Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack (Tablet Edition) Review


Whether this is your first or your fourth venture into Skylands, you’ll find Skylanders Trap Team’s story engaging and humorous with some legitimate laugh out loud moments. Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack (Tablet Edition) plays just as well as its console counterparts. The portal peripheral’s poor battery life will diminish your gaming experience if it […]

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Pokemon Trading Card Game Online now available for iPad

Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

The Pokemon Trading Card Game is now available worldwide to download. The game, which is an online version of the classic card game that has enticed children for years, can be downloaded from the App Store right now. However, it is currently only available for iPad and Nintendo have not yet stated whether they have […]

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