MARVEL Adds “Star Wars” and Dark Horse’s Future: Part 3


Conclusion of this, a long time coming, actually. It’s occurred to me that  I never did a proper introductory post here. My name is Mackenzie Haa, though I go by the alias “macattack” for a what of what I do. I have always been a big Star Wars, Marvel, and anime fan, and I enjoy […]

Bilateral Warp’s Flashback Interview: Jamie Rose


Late in 2013, I made 2 eBay purchases. One of them was a book called “Shut Up And Dance” and the other was a 1989 Troma movie called “Chopper Chicks In Zombietown”. The former was written by and the latter starred my next interview subject, Jamie Rose. Between the 2 projects, I just knew that […]

MARVEL Adds “Star Wars” and Dark Horse’s Future: Part 2


A sequel to this post. Marvel Comics rarely takes on licensed products because their original characters are so lucrative. The most prominent title they had was based on the Halo videogame franchise. However, ironically enough, Marvel’s license to Halo has evidently expired as Dark Horse has begun releasing new Halo titles starting over the last […]

Jim Henson: The Biography – For the Muppet Within

Jim Henson: The Biography

I’m the kind of person who likes comedy, fantasy, animation, puppetry, and of course, explosions. So in general, biographies don’t excite me. But I absolutely could not pass up Jim Henson: The Biography, by Brian Jay Jones. I grew up on Jim Henson’s creations. Though I was only two years old when he died, my […]

After The Burn: Good old fashioned post-apocalyptic fun


“After The Burn” is a collection of post apocalyptic short stories, starting with a story of a small town besieged by a gang of escaped ex-cons, to an ice cream man that protects children from roving gangs of pedophiles. It’s an entertaining collection of stories, reminiscent of 60′s & 70′s pulp adventure books. It’s definitely […]

Entombed: only one way out


  Brian Keene is a writer that I picked up on a friends suggestion, what was presented as another pulpy end of the world zombie apocalypse, quickly gave away to believable, flawed characters and a raw writing style. He is a writer that has taken a tired premise and rejuvenated it into a lurching literary […]

Funland, a unique horror novel


I have only read a part of “Beast House” series and was unimpressed. The stock characters, predictable setting and the equally obvious monster. However “Funland” was different in a lot of ways from, what I have read of his “Beast House” series. It’s a book that offers us a cast of characters that is so […]

The Time Bugs Bunny Saved Duck Dodgers. Twice.


Ask any fans of classic Looney Tunes to list their favorite theatrical shorts and it’s nearly guaranteed that Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (1953, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese) will be included in there somewhere. Animation guru/historian Jerry Beck of gave it the #4 slot in his 1994 book, […]

Peter Straub’s Dark Matter, should be left in the dark


Straub’s story revolves around a group of college friends, whom during the turbulence of the sixties engaged in an occult ritual. The Ritual led by a nomadic charlatan-guru named Mallon, who insinuates himself into the group of teenagers. This ritual results in the death of one student and effects the rest of the group in […]

Review – Mistborn Trilogy: Brandon Sanderson


It’s rare to read a fantasy series that truly distinguishes itself in character and plot. The first 20 pages reminded me of R.A. Salvatore, bare details and questionable characters. However I was quickly proven wrong with none of the characters conforming to the set fantasy archetypes. Sanders spins three fleshed out books full of unique […]