Remembering A Warrior… An Ultimate Warrior


During the late 1980s, the World Wrestling Federation had a Superstar whose fame and popularity reached supernova levels… then quickly faded away  He was born James Hellwig, but in reality was a warrior – in fact, he was the Ultimate Warrior.  Fans of a certain age will remember Vince McMahon screaming “THE ULLLLLTIMATE WARRIOR” in […]

The End of Marc Webb’s ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Run


Hi, it’s macattack. I fully admit I suffered from burnout at the end of February along with some personal difficulties, but now I have returned to posting again. I do intend on covering more of Titanfall, once I can figure out how to get my Xbox fixed or replaced. Anyway, onto news, and a follow-up […]

Marc Webb Will Spin One More “Amazing Spider-Man” Tale


It’s pretty much an off-handed remark, among a smorgasbord of other “Amazing Spider-Man”-related information, but Variety, in a article about Sony Pictures at large, revealed that Marc Webb will return for one more Amazing Spider-Man installment. The film is slated for June 2016. Of course, that wasn’t the only bit of info released over the […]

“Titanfall” – A New Type of Game?


Electronic Art’s and Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming “Titanfall” looks like a tour de force of action, both of the FPS and mecha varieties. With the final box art, the beta completed, and a firm release date of March 11th in hand, the rumors of Titanfall being a killer app may come to fruition, especially with the […]

Why “Space Jam 2″ Is a Really Bad Idea


On February 21st, the Internet lit up, as Deadline posted about the strong possibility of there being a sequel to the ironically loved (or fundamentally loathed) 1996 film Space Jam. That made the Internet light up for obvious reasons, especially with the accompanying report that LeBron James was going to be attached to the film, […]

R.I.P. Harold Ramis


Harold Ramis, one of the finest comic actors (“Ghostbusters”, “Stripes”) and directors (“Groundhog Day”, “Caddyshack”) of his generation, died early Monday due to complications of autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis.   Autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis is a rare disease involving the blood vessels swelling. It was caused by an infection in 2010, causing his health problems. Harold Ramis had […]

Reflections of “Symphonia”


With the release of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (and a special Collector’s Edition) on February 25th in North America, I felt the time was ripe for a reflection of my favorite Tales game of all time. It will be a bit different from the normal type of reflection due to unique circumstances. “Tales of Symphonia […]

MARVEL Adds “Star Wars” and Dark Horse’s Future: Part 3


Conclusion of this, a long time coming, actually. It’s occurred to me that  I never did a proper introductory post here. My name is Mackenzie Haa, though I go by the alias “macattack” for a what of what I do. I have always been a big Star Wars, Marvel, and anime fan, and I enjoy […]

The WWE Network – A Potential Game Changer?


World Wrestling Entertainment announced plans to launch a 24/7 linear streaming channel dedicated to their popular worldwide brand of sports entertainment, or as we tend to call it, professional wrestling.  The WWE Network goes live on February 24 immediately following their popular prime-time showcase, Monday Night RAW. In addition to the streaming channel, the WWE […]

The Cracks in “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”


Well first off, the title alone is a crack, but we’ll get to that in a bit. “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” had a lot of hype in both mainstream and geek-oriented media following the pilot’s premiere at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. How could it not? It was not only a Marvel TV series, but […]