Flash Flashback: How Does the New Costume Stack Up to the Old?

New Flash Suit

It stacks up pretty well. Not gonna lie. Personally, I don’t like the rubberiness of it, or the way it bunches up, and I think the colors are too dark. But I think the creators of the new Flash pilot, a spinoff from the CW’s popular Arrow series starring Grant Gustin as the Flash, have […]

“You’re Next” Smarter Slasher Horror – Film Review


You’re Next is an energetic, fun, somewhat smarter than average slasher horror film with delightfully dark humor in the vein of the Evil Dead films. It’s one of those movies that you’ll want to see in a theater with a great audience. In You’re Next, the Davison family is attacked by home invaders during a […]

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Review – Mistborn Trilogy: Brandon Sanderson


It’s rare to read a fantasy series that truly distinguishes itself in character and plot. The first 20 pages reminded me of R.A. Salvatore, bare details and questionable characters. However I was quickly proven wrong with none of the characters conforming to the set fantasy archetypes. Sanders spins three fleshed out books full of unique […]

Google Nexus Q Review – Unconventional But Awesome

Nexus Q

The Nexus Q is (or should I was say was) going to definitely be a bit of an unexpected entry from Google. For all of the other leaks that were coming out ahead of Google IO, information about a Google-made media streamer was absent until the morning of it’s announcement. With it’s eye-catching design, robust […]

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Review: Not For Me, But Maybe For You


Allow me to start by saying I know I am painfully lucky to have my geeky hands on this device. Getting tickets to Google IO took staying up all night, and even they sold out in a mere 5 minutes, in spite of doubling the price for attendance. Yet, personally, I’ve never really had much […]

Book Review: Books Of Blood, Volumes 1-3


Anthologies, short stories, collections are all descriptions that I usually steer clear of. I generally avoid short stories in favor of full novels, I like the chance to settle down with a story. The leisure of getting to know the characters, understanding the setting and time and setting of a story. Barker manages to write […]

Video Game Review: Game Of Thrones, “You Win Or You Die” (PS3)


Game Of Thrones: A review in progress Game Of Thrones, an amazing fantasy series brought to us from the mind of George R. Martin. I read through the first two books in college and was amazed at Martin’s ability to juggle so many subplots. The characters seemed alive, complex and real as living breathing people. […]

James Herbert, “The Dark” Book Review


As a horror fan, there is nothing I enjoy more than discovering a (to me) unknown author in the genre. It was with this that I approached James Herbert’s “The Dark”, the basic premise being a darkness descends that begins to drive people mad. There are other factors of course, a psychic investigator whose mentor […]

Android App Review of HoverNote

This is going to create some distractions. I wish I could do this in Windows 8 and iOS.

Most mobile operating systems and even desktop operating systems are gradually moving away from the windowed model. Yet, constantly bobbing between applications doesn’t really fit every scenario, especially with the screen real estate of tablets. However, it’s possible to have floating apps that could sit on top whatever full screen work you’re doing, though not […]

“I Am Alive” but not living well

I Am Alive Game Art

[jwplayer config="Custom Player" mediaid="822"] I first heard of Ubisoft‘s I Am Alive while browsing the Playstation Network (PSN) and was hesitantly impressed by the stills provided. A quick browse of both youtube and other review sites, gave me justification to throw down cash for this downloadable game. The idea of an post apocalyptic world to explore, […]