Kara Vallow on Infotaining America Through Animation in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey


Here at Pop Geeks we love real science just as much as we love science fiction and all of that other geeky stuff. So when we got a chance to interview Kara Vallow, animation producer and longtime Seth MacFarlane collaborator on shows like Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, about the unique animation […]

Pop Geeks’ Flashback Interview: Ellen Foley


6 years ago, when I was writing for RetroJunk, I wrote a popular article entitled “Some Of My Fave 80s Women”, where I paid tribute to women who impressed me with their pop-cultural output and their looks in the 80s. One of the women I wrote about was Ellen Foley, who made an impression on […]

The Five Weirdest Things From David Hasselhoff’s High-End Garage Sale

Hasselhoff Replica

Spring has sprung, and as further proof that stars are just like us, David Hasselhoff is doing a little spring cleaning. He’s put a bunch of his personal belongings and memorabilia up for auction through Julien’s Auctions. Proceeds for some of the items benefit the Starlight Children’s Foundation, cause the Hoff is a mensch. There’s […]

NBC Releases First Photo of ‘Constantine’

John Constantine

Pretty cool, huh? Looks like it’s going to be about some kind of giant. Like, a really rich giant. That eats castles. Oh, they mean the guy in the trench coat. Not the emperor. Well. I guess in this getup Matt Ryan looks, at least superficially, like John Constantine. He’s way too clean, and that […]

Syfy Says It’s Moving Away From Stupid Crap


However much affection you might have for Sharknado, or Sharktopus, or even¬†Piranhaconda if that’s your thing (no judging), you have to admit that most of what’s on Syfy (pronounced “siffy”) is stupid crap. A channel that once held the promise of expanding our geeky minds is now just another channel that makes us dumber with […]

Flash Flashback: How Does the New Costume Stack Up to the Old?

New Flash Suit

It stacks up pretty well. Not gonna lie. Personally, I don’t like the rubberiness of it, or the way it bunches up, and I think the colors are too dark. But I think the creators of the new Flash pilot, a spinoff from the CW’s popular Arrow series starring Grant Gustin as the Flash, have […]

Bilateral Warp’s Flashback Interview: Ginger Lynn


A warning beforehand: Some of the material in this Ginger Lynn interview is NSFW. Because of that, I would recommend you be at least 18 to read this. ————– I’m old enough to have come of age with the mom-and-pop video store. I can recall spending lots of time in there, taking a look at […]

See the First Eight Minutes of the Veronica Mars Movie Coming March 14

Veronica Mars

Note: I tried several times to do this with a dry, objective approach, but just couldn’t do it. Screw it, here’s my love letter. Dear Veronica Mars, Oh, Veronica Mars, how I love thee. You’re Nancy Drew from a broken home, with no fucks given now or ever. Your sarcasm sparkles like broken glass. You […]

MARVEL/Netflix’s 60-episode “The Defenders” Officially Confirmed


What has been widely circulated for the last few months formally became a reality Wednesday as Governor Andrew Cuomo formally inked a deal with Marvel Entertainment to shoot the upcoming Netflix “The Defenders” mini-series collection in New York City, as reported by the New York Daily News. It was also formally confirmed that the project […]

NBC Announces “Heroes: Reborn” for 2015

NBC Announces “Heroes: Reborn” for 2015

Yet another surprise in this still-young 2014. “Reborn” will be a 13-episode miniseries that will stand apart from the original 2006-10 “Heroes”, which depicted normal humans discovering that they have superhuman abilities. Being a standalone, it won’t require viewers of the original to watch, though possible cameos and guest appearances from characters of the original […]