Scientists Show Aging Zerg Rushes Your Brain Earlier Than You Think

Zerg Rush

So when will your leet video gaming skills start to deteriorate? If you’re reading this instead of screwing around on Instagram, they probably already have, along with your response times in general. Sorry, but it’s all downhill from here. Joseph J. Thompson, Mark R. Blair, and Andrew J. Henrey from Simon Fraser University recently studied the response […]

Study Suggests Violent Video Games Don’t Cause Aggression, Damned Cheating Computers Do

Rage Kid

So there’s me, shortly before George W. Bush was elected, sitting on the carpet in my mom’s living room, playing Tenchu 2 on my PlayStation. Remember the the Tenchu series? You’re forgiven if you don’t, there hasn’t been a game in the series since 2008. The important point here is that the Tenchu series was […]

NIS Announces htoL#NIQ For The Playstation Vita


While browsing though the Japanese site 4Gamer (via the miracles of Google Translate) I came across this nifty little title that was just announced by Nippon Ichi Software (NIS). htoL#NIQ (yes, that is the real title) looks like to be a beautiful game that uses new game mechanics as well as throwback ideas to create a side-scrolling […]

Sony Introduces VR Headset For PS4, Dooms Us All

Lawnmower Man

Haven’t they seen Lawnmower Man? Read any dystopian cyberpunk. This kind of thing never goes well. Sony’s new offering for the PS4, unveiled at this week’s Game Developer Conference, is called Project Morpheus. Yes, they named it after the god of dreams and sleep. We’re all going to become VR junkies, aren’t we?   It’s […]

“Titanfall” – A New Type of Game?


Electronic Art’s and Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming “Titanfall” looks like a tour de force of action, both of the FPS and mecha varieties. With the final box art, the beta completed, and a firm release date of March 11th in hand, the rumors of Titanfall being a killer app may come to fruition, especially with the […]

Reflections of “Symphonia”


With the release of Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (and a special Collector’s Edition) on February 25th in North America, I felt the time was ripe for a reflection of my favorite Tales game of all time. It will be a bit different from the normal type of reflection due to unique circumstances. “Tales of Symphonia […]

“Bioshock” and “Bioshock Infinite” Developer Irrational Games Announces Massive Layoffs


Ken Levine, the founder and head of Irrational Games, released a stunning press release Tuesday, that Irrational Games will be laying off all but 15 people after the final DLC released for”Bioshock Infinite”. “Bioshock” and its sequel “Bioshock Infinite” (“Bioshock 2″ was handled by a different developer) are two of the most critically acclaimed games […]

Flap, Flap, Flap, Crap! Fly Off the Handle With Flappy Bird on Your Mobile Phone

Flappy Bird in his Natural Habitat

Flappy Bird? Moar liek crappy bird, amirite? So why am I so obsessed with it? Why is everyone so obsessed with it? Why is it the number one free app on iTunes? Why am I asking you so many questions? You don’t know the answers. Sorry about that. Flappy Bird is, to put it in […]

Five Retro Responses to Nintendo’s Move Into Health Care

Family Fun Fitness

Pundits hoping for Nintendo to announce that it was moving into mobile phone gaming were shocked this week to find out what the venerable gaming giant’s next big thing actually is. Health Care. Details are almost non-existent, but Nintendo President Satoru Iwata did say that  company’s move into the “Quality of Life” market would be […]

Activision Releases Call of Duty: Ghosts “Onslaught” DLC For XB360 and XBOne


And yes, it features the same Michael Myers as in the original John Carpenter Halloween series. For my feelings on the original Call of Duty: Ghosts, I wrote a review on one of Bilateral Warp’s sister sites. “Onslaught” adds four new maps (“Fog”, “Bayview”, “Contingent”, and “Ignition”) and adds a new chapter to the “Extinction” […]