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The holiday season is a time when family and friends come together to have a great time and give out gifts to one and other. However, things can get a bit tricky if one of your loved ones loves gaming but you don’t know what to get them. Is the title new, will it be […]

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Dragon Quest VIII Now on iOS and Android

Dragon Quest VIII now on iOS and Android

To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Square Enix’s popular Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, they’ve decided to release ports of the PS2 classic onto both iOS and Android platforms. The popular PS2 JRPG sold over 3 million copies during its initial release and received praise from nearly every single rating outlet […]

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Release Date And Trailer

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Release Date And Trailer

The latest installment in Telltale Game’s episodic drama The Wolf Among Us will be released next Tuesday on May 27th The new episode dubbed “In Sheep’s Clothing” will be the final chapter in the game, and will launch on PC, Mac and PlayStation consoles before being released for the Xbox 360 on May 28 and iOS devices on […]

Zynga Announces Farmville Themed Cookbook


To celebrate the release of Zynga’s new game, FarmVille 2: Country Escape, Zynga announced on Wednesday the development of a digital cookbook full of real life summer themed recipes. Dubbed the FarmVille-To-Table digital cookbook, the digital cookbook will be created with the aid of BlogHer a Florida-based general life blog. According to Zynga, a survey of their player […]

Flap, Flap, Flap, Crap! Fly Off the Handle With Flappy Bird on Your Mobile Phone

Flappy Bird in his Natural Habitat

Flappy Bird? Moar liek crappy bird, amirite? So why am I so obsessed with it? Why is everyone so obsessed with it? Why is it the number one free app on iTunes? Why am I asking you so many questions? You don’t know the answers. Sorry about that. Flappy Bird is, to put it in […]


Ragnarok Online

We have some great news for gamers who like to play multiplayer role playing games as Ragnarok goes mobile with Online: Valkyrie Uprising. Now you can enjoy playing the game anywhere you go. Ragnarok Online has headed the MMORPG charge via PC gaming world for over ten years. Now it is all set to write a new history […]

iPad Games for Cats Reviews – Game for Cats and Fun and Games for Cats


While my husband and I were hanging out with some friends, the discussion drifted towards our respective cats. They had mentioned one of their cats absolutely loving an app on their iPad and whipped it out to demonstrate. Sure enough, the cat went nuts for it. Staring intently and pouncing. Obviously, being as doofy as […]

Final Fantasy III iOS Gameplay Video

Final Fantasy III iOS Gameplay Video

Courtesy of chickdigger802 on Youtube. Gameplay video for Final Fantasy III on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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