Walking Dead Downloadable Game, Xbox 360


The Walking Dead brought to us by Telltale games for PS3 and Xbox 360. I’d heard good things about the game(s) from a friend and decided to give it a chance. The graphics caught my attention right away, comic book like coloring overlaid on 3d models. The graphics over all are enjoyable and almost cheery […]

Coraline, Neil Gaiman


I immensely enjoyed Gaiman’s “Books Of Magic” and “Sandman” , however this would be the first novel i’ve read of his. In “Coraline” Gaiman’s usual dark and dry sense of humor translates beautifully into a children’s tale, lending a gothic feel. Anyone who has seen the eponymous move, would know that Coraline is not what […]

James Herbert, “The Dark” Book Review


As a horror fan, there is nothing I enjoy more than discovering a (to me) unknown author in the genre. It was with this that I approached James Herbert’s “The Dark”, the basic premise being a darkness descends that begins to drive people mad. There are other factors of course, a psychic investigator whose mentor […]

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