Lost “Crash Bandicoot” Animated Cutscene Discovered

crash bandicoot

Over the weekend a piece of animation depicting a deranged version of Crash Bandicoot appeared on Youtube and went viral. The short sequence tells the origin of Crash in song, using the unmistakable pipes of Jim Cummings who, in typical 90’s fourth-wall bashing, ends the tune by begging kids to buy the game. Original speculation […]

Physical Copies of Shenmue III for PS4 Might Not Make Retail

Shenmue III

Whether or not a retail version of Shenmue III will actually be available upon launch for consoles is still not clear. According to VG24/7, an email exchange with the developer Ys Net stated that the company was still unsure whether it would make a physical edition of the long-awaited sequel available for PlayStation 4 players […]

Sony Studios President Reacts To “Nintendo Playstation”

Nintendo Playstation

Last week a real prototype of one of the most significant would-be consoles in gaming history, the Nintendo Playstation, showed up on Reddit. Nintendo and Sony were once to work together to bring the Playstation to market, but after Nintendo broke the deal, Sony made the Playstation on their own. The current console market would […]

The Nintendo Playstation Has Been Found!

Nintendo Playstation

In case you don’t know the now-legendary story: Nintendo and Sony were once really good buddies back in the early 90’s. Sony created the advanced sound chip that gave the Super Nintendo orchestral score capabilities, and after that, they jointly went to work on a CD add-on to the SNES. Nintendo would sell the add-on, […]

Do Bad First Impressions Harm Our Views of Potentially Good Things?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

We all know the saying, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”. First impressions happen almost instantaneously, even if we don’t notice it. They also impact us in ways we may not expect. In some cases, a first impression can go a long way, such as in a job interview, or […]

Restrictions of Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man Deal Revealed

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man

There have been many questions as to how the Spider-Man deal between Marvel and Sony was handled, and what details were put in place to ensure one side’s control over certain parts of the properties. Gawker has apparently leaked part of the agreement deal, and it shows just how strict Sony is being in regards […]

Sony is Helping to Fund Shenmue III

Shenmue III

Yesterday, the $2 million funding goal for Shenmue III was smashed in just a few hours. However, despite the obvious success of the Kickstarter campaign and the intense interest in the game, questions were raised about how such an ambitious title was ever going to be able to be developed with such a tiny budget. […]

Shenmue III is actually happening thanks to Kickstarter

shenmue iii

Fans have been waiting for this day for more than a decade, but it is now officially confirmed that the final act of Shenmue will be released in the form of Shenmue III. During the Sony media briefing last night, series creator Yu Suzuki revealed that he was attempting to fund the game through Kickstarter. […]

Are Marvel and Sony Fighting Over Who Will Play Spider-Man?

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Ultimate Spider-Man

So when Marvel Studios made a deal with Sony Pictures regarding the Spider-Man film franchise, initial reactions were mistakenly that Marvel had gotten the full rights, and that he’d be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe full time. Also, all future Spider-Man movies would be under the Marvel Studios banner. Sadly, that was not the case. In […]

Posting Reveals Sony’s New 1TB PlayStation 4 Model

PlayStation 4

It appears as if Sony could be about to announce a brand new model of the PlayStation that has a vastly upgraded hard drive with a capacity of 1TB. The current limit for the console is 500GB, something which can affect gamers thanks to the large file sizes associated with installing games in the new […]

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