Rosetta Becomes First Spacecraft to Journey to a Comet

Picture of the Comet

Today is a historic day for solar system exploration. The European Space Agency spacecraft Rosetta ended 10 years of sailing through the solar system to come to its destination, cosmic spitting distance from comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta’s path through the solar system was circuitous, using three gravity assisted flybys of Earth and one of Mars to build speed and get […]

Scientists Take Control of Long-Abandoned Spacecraft

ISEE-3 Artists Conception

Yesterday, a group of civilian scientists was able to make contact with and control a spacecraft that has been wandering alone in the solar system for decades. The spacecraft, the International Sun-Earth Explorer-3 (ISEE-3), was contacted by the ISEE-3 Reboot Project from the Arecibo Radio Observatory in Puerto Rico. The Reboot Project is an international effort authorized by NASA […]

Animated Short: Spacetime Fabric Softener


Chill out to this music video by Professor Soap a.k.a. Ryan Mauskopf. In it, an astronaut takes off in his ship and takes a trip through a black hole. If you visit his site, you’ll be able to download some storyboards from the animated short. Spacetime Fabric Softener from Professor Soap on Vimeo.

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