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“Zombieland” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 29, 2010
Zombie movies have made a comeback lately and, thankfully, so have the parody genre. While both zombies and parody films have their fair share of bombs and weak entries, when you’re able to marry the two together with a good script and good actors, the results are often nothing short of pleasant. Take for instance […]

“Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Volume Two” DVD Review

by James Harveyon January 29, 2010
A teenaged Tony Stark? Well, it’s a risk, I’ll give it that. Iron Man: Armored Adventures had a lot going against it when it was announced. A CGI cartoon with a drastically reworked Tony Stark was, as you could expect, not received warmly among fans. I can see why, honestly. It’s not the Tony Stark […]

“Weeds – Season 5” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron January 28, 2010
It’s always refreshing to have a show come along that not only pushes the “normal” boundaries of suburban life but also isn’t afraid to uproot its entire cast and story and plant them in an entirely new location. Such is the case with Weeds, a show that started off simple and hilarious and eventually uprooted […]

“The Simpsons: The Complete Twentieth Season” Blu-ray Review

by James Harveyon January 28, 2010
Another year, another home video season release for The Simpsons. However, with this one, Fox has changed up a couple things. First, thanks to the show switching over to high-definition half way through this twentieth season, we’re getting our first season collection on Blu-ray released simultaneously with the DVD. Secondly, and most disappointingly, we’re being […]

“Gamer” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron January 27, 2010
What is it about movies in the future that take advantage of death row inmates to harness entertainment for the masses? Mostly recently it was the horrible remake of a film called Death Race and now it’s Gamer, which somehow managed to rope in Golden Globe winner Michael C. Hall and…well, after his recent string […]

“Glee, Volume 1 – Road to Sectionals” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 27, 2010
Although not a ratings blockbuster by any means, the Fox show Glee has made quite the indelible mark on the network. Critics love it and those who get into the production become rabid fans to the point of obsession. As much as High School Musical revolutionized the idea of musicals for teens, Glee takes that […]

“Moon” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 26, 2010
Released in barely over 250 theaters, Moon earned rave reviews from critics and those were lucky enough to see it in its limited engagements. With Sam Rockwell holding the entire weight of the film on his shoulders, Moon became one of the greatest sci-fi films in recent memory to really drive home the sense of […]

“The Boys are Back” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 26, 2010
It seems that the further we get into 2010, the more films we find from 2009 that we either had never heard of previously, or made little impact during their initial release. The Boys are Back is one such film, although those of us in the US who hadn’t heard of it earn a bit […]

“Michael Jackson’s This Is It” Blu-ray Review

by James Harveyon January 25, 2010
Released shortly after his passing, Michael Jackson’s This is It is more than a concert documentary, but it’s a celebration of his life. Given unprecedented access into the behind-the-scenes production of creating Jackson’s stage show, Michael Jackson’s This is It probably tells us more about the singer than any documentary or interview before has ever […]

“Cliff and The Shadows – The Final Reunion” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 25, 2010
With a career spanning six decades, charismatic pop icon Cliff Richard is the only UK artist to have charted #1 in five consecutive decades. In 1959, he began recording with The Shadows, an alliance that strengthened both acts’ legacies. Fifty years later, the most successful partnership in UK history has reunited for a final international […]

“Cliffhanger” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron January 22, 2010
When the mind wanders to 1990 action films, rarely does it stumble upon Cliffhanger for any real amount of time. The film, while making quite a bit of money ($255 million worldwide…not bad for a $70 million film), didn’t leave a lasting impression on those who saw it as it was really quite generic as […]

“Tennessee” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron January 22, 2010
There was a time when you would scoff at the idea of Maria Carey in a movie. But now after her turn in Precious and another outing in Tennessee (which is produced by the producer/director of Precious, coincidentally enough), Carey may just be on her way to a reputable, if understated, acting career. But while […]