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“To Live and Die in L.A.” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron February 26, 2010
Obscure action films from the 80s seem to be slowly making their way to Blu-ray, with the latest release coming from Fox with To Live and Die in L.A.. Although its main villain, Willem Dafoe, has gone on to bigger movies, the rest of this cast seems to have disappeared into obscurity. Maybe it’s just […]

“The Wraith: Special Edition” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron February 25, 2010
Cult B-movies have found new life on the DVD format. Titles that you once thought would never see anything better than a crummy VHS-tape release from 20 years ago are now not only getting released on DVD, but in some cases re-released (yeah, we’re just that hard up for new titles apparently). But in the […]

“The Stepfather (Unrated)” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron February 25, 2010
Despite being a genre that’s wide open to all kinds of twists and turns, it seems horror films are never anything more than mediocre cash-ins half the time. Very rarely do you get a film genuinely worthwhile and whenever one starts to come down the pike, it’s easy to get excited for what it could […]

“2012” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron February 24, 2010
There was little doubt in my mind that 2012 would be little else than a giant CGI wreck-fest for the senses. Oceans overflowing, ground splitting open, buildings tumbling down…it wasn’t a film that was going to skimp on the visual disaster that would be the world coming to an end. Which isn’t really all that […]

“Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – Two-Disc Special Edition” DVD Review

by DVD Report Staffon February 23, 2010
I really want to say definitively Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths is my favorite DC Universe DTV to date but I do have reservations that prevent me from declaring that. I can say with confidence that this felt like it had the strongest footing out of all the DTV’s so far. From the start […]

“Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths” Blu-ray Review

by James Harveyon February 22, 2010
There’s something about this new animated feature from the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line that feels like slipping on a familiar pair comfortable shoes. There’s a sense of warmth that comes from it. To see the Justice League back in action, in a great world-hopping thriller, is exhilarating. We get the big ones, too. […]

“The Box” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron February 19, 2010
When it comes to films that are eligible for the “stupidest movie of the year award” (or the Razzies if you prefer to go with an actual award), The Box will no doubt be a serious contender. The film itself was a horrendous mess that not only bewildered and confused its audience, but it also […]

“FlashForward – Part 1, Season 1” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron February 18, 2010
After the success of Lost, the amount of strange and weird concepts that came out of TV networks and movie studios began to increase…only to eventually die down again when Lost started to burn off a healthy amount of its viewers. But leave it to ABC to throw another crazy-premised show into their lineup (in […]

“J.A.G.: The Final Season” DVD Review

by James Harveyon February 18, 2010
To be honest, coming in to a show during its last season likely isn’t the smartest of ideas. Having effectively missed the previous nine years of plots and character developments, I’m likely the least qualified person to present an effective review on the tenth (and final) season of this series. Still, it does give me […]

“Walk the Line” Blu-ray Review

by Zach Demeteron February 17, 2010
While I never was a diehard fan of Johnny Cash’s music, when trailers for Walk the Line first hit I was intrigued enough to want to see it. While I missed its theatrical run, I caught it on DVD and was immediately impressed by what the film presented. The thoroughness and depth that it explored […]

“The End of the Line” DVD Review

by Zach Demeteron February 16, 2010
Based on the critically acclaimed book by Charles Clover, THE END OF THE LINE charts the devastating ecological impact of overfishing by interweaving both local and global stories of sharply declining fish populations, including the imminent extinction of the bluefin tuna, and illuminates how our modern fishing capacities far outstrip the survival abilities of any […]

“The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Six & Seven” DVD Review

by James Harveyon February 15, 2010
Collecting six more episodes of the acclaimed The Spectacular Spider-Man animated between them, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released two more single-disc DVD releases starring our favoring web-slinging hero? Taking us well into the second season of this acclaimed series, The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Six and The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Seven presents fans with over […]