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Review: Assassin’s Creed 3 (PS3/360)

by Eileen Cruzon November 29, 2012
After years of Ezio Auditore in the spotlight it’s time for a new assassin to take the reins. Does he have what it takes to replace the smooth talking Italian? Discuss on our forums

Dunwall City Trials: Dishonored’s 1st DLC Announced

by Eileen Cruzon November 27, 2012
Today Bethesda vaguely unveiled Dishonored’s first add-on, tacking on a meager slew of photos to go with it.  Check ‘er out.  The add-on’s official page informs us that this DLC will include ten new maps along with ten new challenges, including, of course, new achievements/trophies.  Plus, you can expect an official, global, online leaderboard so […]

Review: Genius Cavimanus Headset

by Eileen Cruzon November 25, 2012
There’s a huge wealth of headsets available on the market and it appears Genius has nailed a good mid-range option for gamers in the form of the Genius Cavimanus. Discuss on our forums

SteelSeries Black Friday Deals

by Eileen Cruzon November 23, 2012
In honor of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, SteelSeries is offering 30% off of ALL products on the SteelSeries US webshop as well as Free Shipping thru Monday. In addition to that, they’re offering deep discounts (40-50% off) on some key peripherals like, The SteelSeries Diablo III Headset, the Siberia v2 Cross Platform (PS3) Headset, […]

Happy Thanksgiving from The Staff here at TPG!

by Eileen Cruzon November 22, 2012
After you stuff yourself with one of our favorite feathered friends this Thanksgiving and are laying rotund and distended upon the couch don’t forget to get some quality co-op gaming in with your loved ones. Once you have a nice nap get in some good quality stretching, cardio, and possibly battle practice, as you prepare […]

Hitman: Absolution – First 15, Ending, And Credits

by Eileen Cruzon November 19, 2012
Here’s our playthrough of the first 15 minutes for Hitman Absolution along with the ending and credit roll.  Discuss on our forums

Review: Halo 4

by Eileen Cruzon November 16, 2012
Halo 4 is 343 industries’ first attempt at bringing the Master Chief to life and they do so extremely well. This is hands-down one of the best Halo games of the franchise second only to Halo 2 in my opinion. For the first time in the series we see some major character development of the […]

The Time Bugs Bunny Saved Duck Dodgers. Twice.

by Voiceroyon November 16, 2012
Ask any fans of classic Looney Tunes to list their favorite theatrical shorts and it’s nearly guaranteed that Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century (1953, directed by Chuck Jones and written by Michael Maltese) will be included in there somewhere. Animation guru/historian Jerry Beck of gave it the #4 slot in his 1994 book, […]

Playstation All-Stars First DLC Announced

by Eileen Cruzon November 15, 2012
Playstation All-Stars will get its very first DLC early next year which will feature two new characters at a great price: free. Discuss on our forums

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2 Released!

by Eileen Cruzon November 14, 2012
Today, after much hype and weeks of battling Mother Nature on the East Coast, Rockstar released the second trailer for GTA V!  Source Discuss on our forums

Rainbow Six: Patriots Could Be Next-Gen

by Eileen Cruzon November 13, 2012
At the end of 2011, Ubisoft’s next installment of Rainbow Six came onto our radars with the release of this early concept footage.  Both gritty and controversial, Rainbow Six: Patriot enjoyed another month of buzz as it was followed up by a debut trailer.  But after this brief bubbling spring of footage, the team went dark.  Word […]

Death Becomes Them

by Eileen Cruzon November 13, 2012
Death imparts an irreversible finality that human beings have developed many ways of addressing. Rituals surrounding the end of life have been an inseparable part of human civilization, with traditions spanning centuries around the world. From the embalming practices of the ancient Egyptians, to the modern day interment of the deceased, people have devised many […]