There are many, MANY video games being made in the world right now. There are AAA titles, there are mobile titles, indie titles, and many more categories. But sometimes, it’s the people behind the game that help make it more interesting. Take for example Alter Army, a 2D action platformer that’s currently in beta from Vague Pixels. What makes them so interesting? Well, they’re from India…and 15 years old. Yep, this game is being made by kids! And it looks good! Really good in fact.

The games setting is this, the universe is ending, and you are one of the last remaining people who must try and take control of your worlds natural resources. But, to do so, you must battle through armies of monsters. Thankfully, you’re skilled enough to do so, or should I say, your army is skilled enough to do so.

There will be four playable characters in Alter Army, and each one is special, with their own weapons, skills, combos, etc. Pick the one you like the most and then travel through six unique biome areas as you battle monsters and their bosses. The game rewards aggressiveness, so be brash, be bold, and take everything down. The better you do, the better “Grade” you get, which can unlock some very interesting things for you.

The game has a playable beta now, and will go onto Steam once finished.

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