For those who have beaten the game, they may be asking to themselves “Will there be a third?”. The way I see it, no or at least not for a good amount of time. With User Generated Content being one of the features in the game, Sucker Punch has implemented the Play, Create, and Share genre that everyone seems to be loving since LittleBigPlanet. The guys over at Sucker Punch should be in no rush for the third installment, since players can create an endless amount of missions for an endless amount of game time. However, we here at TheParanoidGamer have compiled a short list of ideas for the next infamous game. Hope you enjoy the read

1. Prequel with Kessler as the lead and David Warner as the foe

This could be a great lead for the next game. Rather then continue where Infamous 2 left off, it could begin with Kessler alternate timeline. Here the story would progress as Kessler runs away from The Beast and then eventually going back in time to prepare the past version of himself. The player would go through taking over the First Sons, development of the Ray Sphere, and eventually the battle between Kessler and Cole.

But that’s not where the story would end. Players would then take control of Cole yet again, only we would be playing through the DC comic arc of the series that leads up to inFAMOUS 2. The players final battle would be against David Warner, who is Kessler’s test subject of the Ray Sphere. Fueled by revenge, David wants to hunt down Kessler, who he believes is Cole, to avenge his dead family.
If you don’t know who David Warner is, here’s his profile:

2. Cole leads again only he is still battling the Beast from within

Here’s an interesting look of both endings. In the bad ending Cole becomes The Beast and in the good ending Cole dies (or it would seem). Now the RFI was design to take the powers of the conduits away as well as killing them in the process. So where exactly does all that power go? It is very possible to make both endings connect with each other. In the bad ending Cole becomes the beast, but what if in the good ending Cole has actually slipped into a deep coma and all that power that was taken was absorbed into Cole body. If you know anything about Cole, then it’s that he could survive nearly anything. Before Cole had powers and before he meet Trish, he was run over by a truck directly head on. Not only that, but he also had both his feet run over. Now one night in the hospital and he manages to walk off with a few scrapes and bruises as if nothing happened. It would be no surprise if Cole ended up waking from this as well.

The game would be created so that for Good Karma, Cole would be trying to cure or get rid of what’s inside of him. As for the Evil Karma, Cole would continue with what John started.

The only issue with this idea is that Zeke dies in the evil ending, but survives the good ending. This could create issues with the story.

3. A new leading character

This is going based off the evil ending of inFAMOUS 2. Cole has gain control of an immense army of super powered Conduits. You play as a character who is to activated by Cole, only you and a few other Conduits don’t agree with Cole ways. This eventually splits the conduit into two sides.

On one side we have the Conduits who want to end Humanity.

On the other we have those who are here to protect Humanity.

As for the Karma system, everything would remain intact as it was in previous games. Meaning that you can still choose to have evil or good choices.

4. DARPA Take Over

Once again if you have read the comics then you’ll know where this part is coming from. My theory is, if Kessler would not have went back in time, the Ray Sphere designs would be in complete hands of DARPA. But, as fate would have it, Kessler shared the information with the DARPA undercover Agent Moya. While showing off the progress of what the Rays Sphere could do, Moya started her own little plans. The first part of the plan was the capture the Alden, who was still alive after Cole defeated him. They were successful at doing this and began examining all his organs and such. The second part was Sasha. Although she wasn’t killed during capture, the DARPA did manage to extract a good amount of the toxic Gas she emits. They used to capture Cole by creating hallucination of him seeing Trish.

Eventually this leads up to David Warner. While being attacked by him, the DARPA releases some of their own super powered test subjects. This was all possible from Kessler research. So the question is, what do they need these super human mutants for? Perhaps they were preparing for the Beast and planned on using them against it.

5. Multiplayer or some sort of MMO Mode

The final idea is what many fans thought after completing inFAMOUS 2 with Evil Karma. inFAMOUS doesn’t seem like a game that would need any form of competitive, team versus team, type of multiplayer. Online Co-op is understandable. However, if Uncharted 2 showed us anything about multiplayer, its that even single player games could make it work.

Here are just some ideas fans have been saying:

MMO Style, much like DC Universe is where we will be able to create out own Conduits and have to choose from a selected amount of powers. The gameplay will remain the same as in previous Infamous game with an added leveling up system.
Personally the idea sound great on paper, but i still don’t believe that inFAMOUS needs multiplayer.


Some sort of competitive mode to go with Idea #3. it could be a Carbon copy of Uncharted Online except instead of guns we are using powers.

Personally i wouldn’t want an online mode to the game, other then the UGC, but if Sucker Punch could make it work then why not.

These are just some of the ideas that we decided to jolt down in this piece. What do you guys think? Have any of your own? Please share in the comment section below.

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  • NormanD
    June 24, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    this is really excellent 😀 Personally I really like the idea that Cole using the RFI is like activating a giant Blast Core, considering that it absorbed the beast’s and all (as far as we know)the conduits powers and that Cole was in direct contact with the RFI (sending an electric current through it, just like Blast Cores) it could have transferred all that power to him, and considering that every time Cole used a Blast Core it knocked him out for a number of hours, I wouldn’t be surprised if absorbing all that energy put him out for a couple months at least. And this can be supported by the fact that The Beast is basically a living Ray Sphere, it would be like Cole activating another Ray Sphere and adding a whole lot of extra power on top of it. The problem is, this only really works with the good ending and it creates the problem of the main character having wayyyyy too much power, but it’s a possible avenue. I’m also kind of thinking that they should either make two separate games in one as a way of continuing both story-lines or just kill the Evil ending. It was stated by Sucker Punch (and supported by the beginning of Infamous 2) that the good ending for the first game was the canon ending so maybe they could do the same thing again. It’s nice to have that evil option but it’s a little too much to get rid of Zeke and have Cole going around mercilessly murdering millions of people to save a few select. But if there were some kind of RPG/MMORPG set in the same world after all the regular people are gone and focusing on struggles between groups of conduits that could be pretty frickin awesome.

    • Jimmy Lara
      June 24, 2011 at 4:23 pm

      Thanks for your input
      I was thinking 2 separate games also. I mean both on the same disc, but have a completely different story.
      I figure they would go with the good ending, since they did with the first game

  • Chris
    July 2, 2011 at 4:33 am

    i was thinking, seeing as the two endings from infamous 2 are so entirely different. do you think the studio could do something similar as the start of infamous 2?

    when infamous 2 starts, you get to choose if you wanna carry on with your karmic state from the last game. this gave you different colour lightening and a morality boost one way or the other. otherwise the game was unaffected.

    maybe, when infamous 3 opens up, it could ask if you wanna go with the good or bad ending. whichever one you pick you would be on the same map for the game, but the story and supporting characters would be entirely different (for obvious reasons).

    this would allow for a direct continuation of the story no matter which ending you picked in the first one

  • Nathan
    July 20, 2011 at 7:26 am

    I’m just gonna state a fact, even though everyone wants an inFAMOUS 3, it won’t be as good as the second one, whether it’s a prequel, sequel, a whole new storyline, whatever.

    And if it is a prequel, some people will be pissed because they want Cole and Zeke back(for some reason that lightning striking Cole on the good ending makes everyone think he’ll come back). Alright, if it’s a sequel, there kind of isn’t much to work with-

    Evil ending-so basically it’d just be conduits fighting each other over who knows what

    Good ending-somehow Cole is back, I know people think that since Cole used the RFI he wasn’t affected like a person who uses the ray sphere, but if he were still alive he would either be an extremely unstable conduit or have no powers at all :/

    IF there is an inFAMOUS 3, it will probably be a prequel, kessler related stroy or a 20-some years later thing, which won’t be as gripping for fans who want Cole and Zeke back, but there isn’t much to work with, so, guess you just have to wait and see

  • infamade
    July 30, 2011 at 4:53 am

    Now i know people believe that there should be a prequel game to infamous but i don’t see it since we already know what happens in the comics and going on infamous wiki site reading the characters bio on before the blast so a prequel game might not be on the cards however i may have some insight to what could happen in Infamous 3 now i don’t know if im allowed to do this but my theories on the story are as followed

    good ending from Infamous 2 to infamous 3 plot
    the lightning strike revives cole but it causes some kind of surge on any electrical on the boat zeke holds on to coles body trying to protect him but somethings happens causing the boat, zeke and cole’s body to disappear they all seemingly end up in the past before the blast during the kessler and the beast alternate timeline and Cole has seemingly revived and finds himself torn between helping kessler defeat the beast with the powers combined or work with the beast to stop kessler from jumping forward into the past to stop the ray sphere from being made thus causing nothing to happen in the original game or work by himself with zeke at his side to kill the beast and kill kessler before he can jump back into the past if this succeeds then empire city and new marais could be saved from destruction but what happens to cole and zeke is their choice going back into the past at the point where cole is actually dead the lightning never occured causing what they did in the alternate timeline never actually happened or stay in the future to ponder their fate.

    bAD Ending from infamous 2 to infamous 3 plot
    Cole now as the beast is causing a war between conduits and humans around the world and alternate zeke has somehow jumped into the past to stop beastler a name Cole has made for himself of his enemy and ally alternate Zeke attempts to recruit people Cole has crossed ever since turning his back on empire city and new marais in hopes to stop him from carrying out the plan John White had intended to do himself now as we are playing as Cole we are to make sure alternate zeke fails teaming up with sasha, alden who doesn’t know if to trust cole and Kuo who have become his operatives of the plan to make humans into conduits and in the final battle between Cole and Zeke who manages to gain powers of his own during the game will either set up what happens next if Cole kills alternate zeke then world crumbles to his feet and everyone around the world will become part of his army and the plan has succeeded or if cole fails and zeke kills him then the plan fails if this happens Zeke attempts to retrace Cole’s steps back to empire city to reverse what cole did and turn everything back to normal with this in mind as the plot of infamous 4

    if you have any doubts about these plots of infamous 3 then don’t be shy to say if you like the ideas presented do you think it all could happen

    • Jimmy Lara
      July 30, 2011 at 12:29 pm

      “i don’t know if im allowed to do this”

      Absolutely you are

      Anything is possible, which is kind of something i hate. Time Travel leaves the story open to anything and i don’t see any reason why any of the things I, You, or anyone else has thought of. Good ideas BTW.

  • infamade
    August 1, 2011 at 3:12 am

    i have made new ideas for Infamous 3 and it hasn’t got anything to do with the plots of the game whatsoever no it’s more about what else could be in store such as powers, side quests and all that other stuff

    Powers – time travel obviously, mind reading, possession (taking control of a willing conduit or operaive) as mentioned in my plot, meteor strike and body split allowing cole to split himself in two versions of himself to increase the help to maintain good or evil

    Side Quests entail how Cole is played by doing side missions good or bad for familair characters such as Zeke, Trish, Beast, John, Sasha, Kessler, Moya, Alden Tate and so on if playing in the evil plot that i suggested a few of the names will come to mind and some members of the conduit army

    blast shards could return on the infamous 3 good plot that i suggested as they could be moved from when Kessler jumped back into the past on the original game or in my evil plot blast shards won’t be necessary

    dead drops also return in the good plot of infamous 3 but they can be found to alter the game in story with cole tracking them down hoping to how to handle kessler or the beast or both with the enemies subsquenlty leaving them for cole to find hoping to ease their cause for him to join one of the two sides and in evil dead drops won’t be necessary

    stunts will return

    First Sons Capture – this is somthing new i believe will be the ice breaker since the first sons have been around for some time mentioned by john in infamous 1 in a dead drop Cole can capture a first sons member or army member giving cole on how to become invincible

  • RenéLB
    August 2, 2011 at 7:56 am

    All good inputs, but I for one have given it some thought myself.
    Both endings leaves Cole with some sort of guilt (assuming that the lightning strike in the good ending revieves him)
    Lets say some years pass, 6 or so. Here he is contacted by a Conduit kid. In the good ending he would have been born at excact time of the explosion, and in the evil ending it would have been in the explosion Cole makes when been giving the Beast’s powers that activated him. He can see into the past and future and gives Cole a suggestion. He can travel back into time and stop the Ray Sphere. This means no Beast, no plague, getting Trish back and the saving of many, many lifes. Kessler could travel in time, so why not Cole. Then him and the kid travels back, and Cole is now drained (so we can evolve some sweet powers). Then the kid can look into the future once and a while to check if they have saved humanity yet. This means confronting Kessler, test subjects, and the big plot twist should be that the kid is evil and want vengeance for his parents death.
    Personally, I thinks that it could be sweet 🙂

  • davion reaves
    August 21, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    I think there should be a prequel called infamous 3the beginning of the end where you play as kessler and your in his time where it looks like the apocalyps and you more people to help you like nix and kuo. And you have all theses great powers like lighting blades made from pure lighting and he should have a ray sphere blast power and ultimate thunder drop where he jumps high in the air and shoots down like a giant like a lighting bolt and send a big shock wave fileing towards your enemy. And on infamous were kessler punches the and giant images of him appear he should have the power. This game be a game where you get to destroy buildings for gamers that love violent destruction and at the end there should be a part that you see when kessler goes to the past but in this game you put add on where he can back to the future and back to the past at will. Thats all I have for now

  • bryan
    November 20, 2011 at 5:03 pm

    ok i just completed the good side, and im sure that i saw a lighting question mark appear at the end so i recon a 3rd will be on the way eventually

  • Chan
    November 28, 2011 at 10:19 am

    I feel that if you select the good ending in infamous 3 cause a paradox tZeke hat will make the ray sheild not kill the conduits (after developing powers of his own). He changes the ray shield when it’s still being built so that it only weakens them, but to do that the ray shield will not have enough power to weaken the beast and wipe out the plague so you have to chose one. If you chose to wipe out the plague, the good ending, you will find cole heavily wounded and beaten up from his confrontation with the beast needing to take rest for several months before bring able to fight him again, but keep in mind, the Beast is still alive and on their tails. If you decide to kill the beast, the bad ending, you will go back to the present to find cole tired, but alive, but the streets will still be the same as before, Cole looks at Zeke and says” we re back to where we started” and the cut scene ends.

  • Chan
    November 28, 2011 at 10:21 am

    I feel that infamous 3 should be about how Zeke tries to get Cole back by going back in time.

  • josh
    December 12, 2011 at 9:05 am

    To me, infamous 3 would be easy to make. Ignore the bad ending because the beast Cole ends up being Kessler years later when the war is over. He regrets what he has done to his world so he goes back in time in order to stop Cole. That leads to infamous 1. Good ending Cole is brought back to life from the lightning and is off in a new adventure.

  • isaiah
    December 21, 2011 at 7:29 pm

    ok i have an idea in the original zeke betrayed you and activated the ray sphere now this killed millions but zeke was still alive even though hes not a conduit my idea is that he is a conduit just his power is invincibility so if u take the good ending cole is revived by the lightning and if u take the bad ending zeke comfronts cole

    • Jimmy Lara
      December 23, 2011 at 12:21 am

      that would be a bit of a surprise if that were true. I know Zeke activated the Rays Sphere in hopes to gain powers, but that only worked on Conduits.

      The issue I see with this though is John would have Cured Zeke or you would have been able to tell he was a conduit with the power John gives you, unless I’m mistaken and that was a one time thing.

      still anything could happen

  • Brian
    December 27, 2011 at 4:51 am

    I have an idea of my own since Cole used the RFI and killed all potential conduits maybe you could play as a surviving Ice Soldier who ended up absorbing what ever conduit abilities were left in New Marais. The story would take place right after the 2nd games ending. You wake up dazed and confused and see that all the monsters and other ice soldiers are dead after the blast. You stumble around new Marais when you hear voices in your head and you start twitching as your body holds in all that powerful energy. Your mission is to find Cole and make him pay for the death of your allies.

  • Brian
    December 27, 2011 at 5:04 am

    Like Cole the ice soldier is pissed off about what happened and finds leads to where Cole is heading. The ice soldier makes his own faction and tries to find other conduits to help him destroy Cole.

  • Brian
    January 8, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    I even have another idea where you play as a telepathic conduit who hid from the blast as it happened. I know that’s cheating a bit but a new character as a playable character would be cool. I love Cole and his character but they could do a 2 part story where you play as Cole and my aforementioned character. My story is that Zeke finds out that the beast was controlled by a higher power who was using the beast as a way to get rid of conduits and take over the world. A secret government funded group of individuals that went rogue after learning about conduits.

  • Michael
    January 13, 2012 at 1:23 am

    It would be nice to have a 3rd, bigger maps and have secret missions built in for after completing both sides. Make more stuff blowup, levitate have just a little more power. I really like the idea of free roaming, I wish more games were like that.

  • January 22, 2012 at 5:14 pm

    I have an idea that i got from someone on anuther website
    so my idea is in the good ending the lightning strike brings back cole and every uther conduit and the mane villen of the game wold be cole’s brother you see i figure since there so closly related thay may both have the conduit gene and thay wold be closly matched powers he wold of been activated by the beast some were betwean empire city and new marai. and cole and his brother cold both be electrical conduits.

    ok so know for the evil ending the beasts power mixed with his own is killing cole so to save his life he releases the power the beast gave him. so in this cole will not be all powerful. coles main enemy wold still be his brother.
    and i wold like to say cole did not make it that far from new marai and once he got rid of the power the beast gave him all the conduits he made left including kuo.

    and that is were the game begins both evil and good ways of the game wold be based in the same city with the main story only slitly differant ether way and i under stand that the us army wold probebly be after evil cole but im sure sucker punch cold find a way arond that.

    if anyone sees enething that dose not make sense then tell me pleas.

  • Jon
    March 14, 2012 at 2:40 am

    The good and bad ending can come together… The good ending lightning strike brings Cole into the reality of the evil ending. You can choose between good or bad at the begining. The stories would be the same, but you play one side or the other of it. You can also bring in a Conduit activated by evil Cole. He is contacted by both Coles to help them. The new Conduit would also have friends who try to influence his/her choices. Take out karma, and change it to dominance. Dominance-when you do good/evil, one side gains Dominance by you helping them…

  • not sure what my name is
    July 13, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Well here’s my ideas:

    1. In the good story ending, Cole uses rfi to absorb the,power of the beast, but when the lightning strikes, he is redirected but, unknowingly,has john’s power and then transforms into the beast and accidentally kills select in the process of transforming, so them the two alternate ending have the same outcomes, and the story continued With him reviving conduits and then have the rpg concept where you start as a new conduit and decide weather or not to fight Cole or to join his sides.
    2. When Cole uses the rfi In the good ending, there is one final blast core which nobody new about so when he used it, it only killed conduits within a certain area, other conduits hear of the rfi and decide to team up to find the final blst core before Cole does and the story continued as a new conduit.

  • IDK
    October 29, 2012 at 8:05 pm

    I think it should have two separate stories that tie in together.In the Evil story,Evil Cole makes it to the west coast city of Los Diablos(Los Angeles,but with a different name),and he activates a pair of conduits(brother and sister)They both use Electrokinesis.The twins are given the choice of joining Cole,helping him take over the city(Evil)or side with the sister’s idea of forming a resistance with other conduits,as the three have the same power(Good),and for the endings,Good,you fight Evil Cole,stalling until the sister finishes a makeshift RFI,which actually merges the two realities together(Good and Evil timelines),and Evil is the same,except you fight against your sister instead of Cole.Good story is,after Cole is revived,Zeke tells Cole about Darpa’s non-conduit superhumans,and the two head to Los Diablos,except there’s no karma meter,and it’s constantly raining,because Moya gave herself powers over water(hydrokinesis)and took over the city.Cole ultimately kills her,and that’s when the TRUE final boss fight begins,after you finish both stories,and Cole confronts his counterpart,and are evenly matched until the twins decide to either help Good Cole,or the Beast Cole,which will result in either Evil ending,evil Cole winning,or Good with the good cole winning.

  • insert name here
    November 22, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    wat if u wer to come back as kuo or nix’s longlost brother? or better yet cole’s brother whos powers were activated since he might have the conduit gene and johns power might have activated it.or if zeke had been hiding secret strengh power (muclaekinesis).and maybe u would be able to enter buildings and if the character was wearing speacial gloves so they could perhaps drive a car without it blowing up, send you to the nearest medical center.not just cars.boats and motercycles too.

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