A lot of you may not know a lot about ORIGIN PC, I didn’t either until I saw an ad for one of their PCs. After researching a little more, I realized that this is a company that offers a lot more than just another gaming PC. 

A little while back, I was looking for an alternative PC company to research a bit about as I felt that there weren’t many quality options out there. I stumbled upon an ad for ORIGIN PC and that opinion quickly changed so I decided to see what makes this company tick. All my questions were answered by none other than Co-Founder and CEO of ORIGIN PC, Kevin Wasielewski!

ORIGIN PC was formed shortly after the acquisition of Alienware by Dell. Take me through the process of what made that the right time to form a new company and how ORIGIN PC came to be.

Our passion for the past 15+ years has been building high performance custom PCs for gamers and professionals.  When Dell moved Alienware’s manufacturing to Mexico and China and when they merged the Alienware website onto the Dell website is when we really knew we were not happy working there anymore.  We took a look at the marketplace and felt very confident that we could build our own business selling the most custom, highest performing PCs with the best technical support.    

A beautiful close-up of the blue backlight of the keyboard on the EON15-S.

It seems to me that ORIGIN PC is built on customer service and customization, what other things stand out about the brand and what would you like it to be known for?

We pride ourselves with our amazing 24/7 Lifetime Technical Support and our extreme customization options, but it doesn’t stop there. We continue to innovate by providing the most powerful machines in the market such as our award winning BIG O, which is an integrated liquid cooled PC and Xbox 360 slim all in one system!  We also strive for the highest performance and you will see in our reviews that we are usually the highest performing system in benchmark comparisons.  We are also known for being first to market with new technology.  This weekend we just launched our new EON-S laptops with the latest technology from ORIGIN PC, Intel, and NVIDIA.

The sleek EON15-S has everything you need in a gaming laptop.

Lifetime labour and service guarantees are a big part of the ORIGIN PC experience, I can’t think of any other computer companies that have that type of guarantee. How beneficial has this been to keeping customers and what other things are you doing differently to keep them coming back?

It has been extremely beneficial and we truly believe that support doesn’t have to stop right after a purchase, it should continue on for a lifetime because everyone loves a peace of mind.

We also offer our EVOLVE System Upgrade Service, which means that the original purchaser will actually be able to return internal components of their ORIGIN PC for credit towards the purchase of a new product. This is available in a 2-year or 3-year format from the time of original purchase and if you have an official U.S. address, we will even pay for the shipping! This way, you won’t have to worry about new parts that will inevitably arrive and will be able to make use of your existing parts without any hassle. 

Customers really rave about our technical support and upgrade programs.  You feel more like a member than a customer because ORIGIN PC has you covered for life.   

Customization is a huge perk for ORIGIN PC customers.

Do you have any long term goals for ORIGIN PC? Where do you see the company at in 5 years? 10 years?

Our long term goals are to continue offering the best Custom High End PC’s in the market and continue to innovate with new products like the BIG O that raises the bar in power and performance.   We have many plans over the next five years including new products and global expansion, but I can’t really go into too much detail.  🙂  Our goal is to become the largest high performance custom PC builder worldwide. 

Everyone at ORIGIN PC is a gamer at heart.

What is on the horizon for ORIGIN PC in the next little while, are there any new product lines on the way in the near future that you may be able to shed some light on?

There are always new products on the horizon, some sooner than you think. So for now you will have to stay tuned! 🙂

ORIGIN PC is a relatively new company, is there anything you want to let the readers know so that maybe they will choose ORIGIN PC for all their PC needs?

With our EVOLVE Program, Free Lifetime Technical Support, and 15+ years of experience you will never have to worry about being left behind again. We have you covered from step 1 and beyond. Our systems are the best because they are hand built and tested right here in the U.S. and the parts are the best in the market. We understand the concerns and needs of all gamers because everyone at ORIGIN is a die-hard gamer. 

A big thank you goes out to Kevin Wasielewski for taking the time out for this interview. To learn more about ORIGIN PC, go to their official website at http://www.originpc.com/


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