Abandon Ship is out now with a Launch Trailer showcasing some of the Combat & Exploration Gameplay, along with ship-upgrading, surviving in a lifeboat after your ship is destroyed, and fending off a Kraken.

“We’ve launched the game with an 8-10 hour (average playtest time) story that encapsulates exploration, combat and upgrading your ship. There is also a short side-story (more on that format later) which is separate from the main game and focused on combat.

We’ve tried to ensure the release is as stable and polished as we can, and ultimately we wanted to make sure that for people that play now, they can get several hours of fun, with high-quality production values.
This was really important to us. We know that Early Access can have a bad reputation for buggy, clearly work-in-progress titles. We didn’t want to fall in that category, we wanted to fit into the “squint and it’s almost a finished game” category!
But that doesn’t mean we think we’re nearly done. There is so much more that can be added and refined to turn Abandon Ship into the best it can be. These include new content and systems, as well as improvements to what is already there.”

To check out the full roadmap for Abandon Ship, click here.

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