The world is fast moving toward using smartphones and tablets more and more for advanced functions like web browsing and media. This validates reasons for wanting to view and share that media content on larger screens. Especially for the business-person on the go, or the frequent hotel staying traveler.

The price was $16 at the posting of this review.  Accell J135B-001B MHL Micro USB to HDMI Adapter

I tested this adapter on my Insignia (56in) 1080p HD LCD TV and a Samsung 720p Projector. I used two of the supported devices, the SPRINT Samsung EPIC 2 and the HTC One S.

Both displayed movies in high definition and looked amazing with no lag, stuttering, or any problems at all.

It was especially impressive to see the HD video streamed from Netflix or Google Movies displaying full screen. Netflix and other applications should soon stop displaying video on both the phone and HDMI devices. It is just a matter of the MHL technology catching on for application developers.

When using some leading presentation software (Google Play) it was displayed full screen on the TV/Projector and even leaves you with some options on the device like ‘next slide’, which is exactly what I wanted to see.

I highly recommend the MHL to HDMI adapter to anyone with a compatible device. I will be packing it with me when I travel. Nothing better than streaming your own video content in hotels, or having a backup if your laptop malfunctions in that really important business meeting.


  • Watch videos, view pictures or listen to your music on a TV or home theater system 
  • Supports video resolutions including HD 1080i/60Hz or 1080p/30Hz and multi-channel digital audio 
  • Connect your device’s charger to the adapter to supply power to the adapter and your mobile device 
  • Continue to use device for normal usage such as receiving calls & e-mails while connected in MHL mode The first MHL Certified Compliant adapter as certified by the MHL ATC (Autorized Testing Center)


This adapter uses premium components including a soft and flexible cable for easy handling and travel convenience. Manufactured to the Mobile High-Definition Link 1.1 specification, this adapter is designed to work with devices featuring a MHL audio and video enabled USB 2.0 Micro-B output.

The packaging is sub-par compared to the likes of others in the market.  It is plain, over-sized and made of molded plastic (the kind you cut yourself on trying to open). 

I did have a bit of an issue with the power charger not staying in the adapter. This seems to be a trend for this product online. 

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The adapter connects your tablet, Smartphone or MHL enabled device to your HDMI TV or other HDMI device. It’s easy to connect and use sending high resolution video and digital audio over an HDMI cable.

The adapter easily connects to the USB 2.0 Micro-B port of a MHL enabled device. Use your HDMI cable to connect the MHL to HDMI adapter to an HDTV or an HDMI home theater system. The MHL adapter features an USB Micro-B (female) power input. Connect the charger supplied with your mobile device to the MHL adapter to power the adapter and to supply power to your mobile device while it is in use.

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1. With the power to the TV off, connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI port on
the MHL adapter to your HDMI TV or other HDMI device.

Note: Supplying power to the connected MHL source device will allow the source
device to remain charged while being used. Use the charger supplied or
approved by the manufacturer of your mobile device.

2. If power to the MHL device is desired, connect the USB Micro-B cable from
your mobile devices supplied travel charger to the CHARGE port on the side of
the adapter. See note below.

3. Plug your mobile device’s supplied travel charger into a power source.

4. With the MHL enabled device turned off, connect the MHL adapter’s USB
Micro-B connector to the MHL enabled source device.

5. Turn on the TV and MHL source device.

6. Configure the TV to the HDMI input being used. Refer to the TV’s instructions
for more information.

7. If needed, configure your MHL enabled device to output audio and/or video
through the MHL connector. Refer to the source device’s instruction manual for
more information on enabling the MHL output.

Note: The use of a power adapter is dependent upon the source device’s ability
to supply power from its USB Micro-B port. 


Supported Devices

The list is small, but growing. A device I wish supported MHL is the Google Nexus 7. 

This list is compiled by MHL, LLC and a disclaimer is noted at the bottom.

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