The Ace Attorney series is one of the most fan-beloved game franchises out there. Between its quirky characters, it insane cases, and moral messages, it’s captured the hearts of many. So much so that Capcom has revealed that the series will be coming the Nintendo Switch, potentially next year. One of the series entries, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, just arrived on the Nintendo 3DS, and the creator of the series, Shu Takumi took some time to talk about how he came up with some of the characters, including series star Phoenix Wright:

“My thinking on main characters goes like this: the main character is the player, so the character shouldn’t have too strong of a flavor to them. That’s why I didn’t go out of my way to make Phoenix Wright anyone special, or give him any special features — all of his lines are pretty much just what I would say in those situations. And for Maya, I just naturally wrote a character who I thought would be fun to have by your side as a partner character. The two of them live in my head and whenever I would sit down to write the games, it was like I would hear the two of them bantering with each other inside my head. All of this is why it was so hard to write a completely new main character — the most natural parts of me had already all been used up by the Phoenix Wright character. So I tried to take everything about Phoenix and turned them upside-down. With this great turnabout, I came up with Apollo: a character who is aggressive, passionate, and youthful.”

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