Arc System Works have announced Guilty Gear Xrd Sign, The latest game in the fighting franchise at its 25th anniversary festival in Yokohama, Japan, although no announcements were made as to which platforms it will be appearing on.

Like Street Fighter IV, Guilty Gear is finally making the transition to 3D, unlike Guilty Gear Overture, which was essentially a Dynasty Warriors clone, Xrd Sign will be a traditional one on one beat ’em up and, for the first time in the series, Arc System Works have abandoned the use of sprite graphics although it still maintains its old school looks thanks to the use of the Unreal Engine.

Down below is a trailer which shows series protagonist Sol Badguy going up against Ky Kiske in a visually stunning battle combining the traditional Guilty Gear look with 3D graphics. Also making a short appearance at the end is Millia Rage.


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