Is your life like a hurricane? Are you one for solving mysteries, or rewriting history? Then this week’s Armed with Controllers Friday feature is for you.

As you’ll no doubt know, Californian videogames developer WayForward Technologies released a remastered version of Capcom’s NES platformer DuckTales on multiple current-gen platforms earlier this week. Interestingly, the studio’s remake has been met with mixed reception; some reviewers have praised its faithful gameplay where others have criticised its datedness, and some have questioned the relevance of its drawn-out storytelling segments where others have appreciated their inclusion.

For Armed with Controllers’ retro-loving KB, however, the original will always be best. Thus, for today’s video, we join him as he takes the 8-bit Scrooge McDuck to the moon and back on a mission to acquire valuable treasure, and outdo his rival Flintheart Glomgold in becoming the world’s richest duck.

WARNING: the following footage contains addictive theme tunes, Monty Python references, and repeated use of the phrase “son of a b*tch”. Enjoy.

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