Want to see Armed with Controllers’ Fabs instigate some adolescent mayhem? I know, silly question.

In this week’s Friday feature, AwC’s fighter fanatic revisits Rival Schools: United by Fate. This obscure beat ‘em up, best described as a polygonal alternative to Marvel vs. Capcom, hit the Japanese arcades in 1997 (pun intended), and was ported to Sony’s original PlayStation a year later.

The story of Rival Schools introduces the player to Aoharu City, where several educational faculties have been victim to attacks and a number of kidnappings. Eventually, you learn this wickedness is the work of a rival school, Justice High, and soon enough you’re kicking the living daylights out of its teachers, pupils and the student nurse. The idea isn’t exactly PC, but it’s hard to argue with the entertainment factor.

To find out how Fabs fares in the game’s Arcade Mode with inimitable motorcyclist Akira and baseball-hurling batsman Shoma, click play on the video embedded below.

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