It’s a well known fact that a lot of superhero characters have kind of similar origin stories. For example, many heroes are scarred by the loss of their parents or family. Like Batman, Spider-Man, Flash, SHAZAM!, Cyclops, even Superman. But, there are times when the comparisons seem to really blend with one another.

Recently, Marvel released a full-on story trailer for their upcoming Netflix show Iron Fist, which is the last show to be had before the Defenders team up later this Summer. While some of it was no doubt unique, especially in regards to Danny Rand’s abilities and Iron Fist power. The way the story was presented made a lot of people think of Arrow on CW.

To clarify, Oliver Queen was left on an island for five years, and he molded himself into the Green Arrow in order to survive and make it back home. Once he did, he tried to reclaim his city via an oath he swore to his father. Danny Rand lost his parents in an airplane accident, and was raised by monks for ten years until he came back to reclaim his family company and save New York from a dark threat. Sound familiar? Yeah fans think so too, so much so that they asked Stephen Amell what he thought of what Iron Fist was doing. His reply:

“I could care less!” Amell wrote

So there you go! Even Green Arrow himself notes that it doesn’t matter.

Iron Fist airs on Netflix March 17th.

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