One of the biggest things that happened in the season finale of Arrow in May was that Manu Bennett returned to play Deathstroke after years since his last “true” appearance. He was a major character since season 01, and was the villain of season 02. He returned in season 03 for one episode…but it wasn’t an episode that fans like because of its depiction of Deathstroke. But, in “Lian Yu”, he was more the true Slade Wilson, and fans were grateful.

What’s more, the upcoming season 06 of Arrow will feature multiple appearances of Bennett as Slade Wilson, and Arrow EP has tweeted out that episode 05 of the season will be just that, a return. Because the episode name is literally, “Deathstroke Returns.”

Not much is known about the context, however, we do know that it’ll be a multi-part arc, and that Oliver and Slade will be teaming up for it. Given that Oliver gave Slade information on how to find his long lost son Joe (mentioned in season 01), it’s likely that this is what brings them together. But….what will it mean for the larger fabric of Arrow? That remains to be seen.

Arrow returns to CW on its new night, Thursday October 12th.

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