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Bad Apples Slasher Movie

Bad Apples Births Twin Horror Icons – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon February 19, 2018
Bad Apples clues you in to its devious nature right up front, with an opening scene so violently shocking you’ll be left wondering how far writer/director Bryan Coyne is willing to take his story of small town terror. This Halloween night kill-fest is low budget horror in the purest sense, but there’s a sense of […]

House of Salem – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon February 19, 2018
No matter how you come to this movie, House of Salem is not what you’re expecting. This British indie suspense film from writer/director James Crow will surprise you with it’s narrative choices, while taking some turns you didn’t see coming. The question is, do you like surprises?┬áRead on to learn more about this fright feature […]

Inoperable Movie

Inoperable Is A Maze of Time Travel Hospital Horror – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon February 6, 2018
Imagine the 1993 Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day was set in a gore splattered Haunted Hospital Halloween Maze and you have Inoperable, a frightening February release from Zorya Films and ITN. This time-bending horror adventure by writer/director Christopher Lawrence Chapman has some interesting ideas and the star power of horror icon, Danielle Harris in front […]

Guy Roger Duvert Interview

Guy-Roger Duvert, Director of 2047 Virtual Revolution Interview

by HojuKoolanderon January 23, 2018
Guy-Roger Duvert has delivered an award-winning sci-fi experience with his film 2047 Virtual Revolution. In my recent review I found Duvert’s take on the morality of virtual gaming to be quite unique, while at the same time evoking the look and feel of the Blade Runner universe in an expertly executed homage. I decided to […]

Cute Little Buggers Is Hopped Up Horror-Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 19, 2018
If you miss the days of trashy VHS horror with high body counts, lowbrow laughs and plenty of skin, Cute Little Buggers is about to make your day. This British made horror film is anything but proper, with a tongue in cheek mash-up of the horny aliens/killer animals sub genres that will have you smiling […]

The Devil’s Well Movie Review – A Fun Horror Adventure

by HojuKoolanderon January 10, 2018
“Hey, you got your homicidal devil worshippers in my found footage horror film!” “Hey, you got your shaky-cam scares in my Satanic Panic documentary.” If this creepy mash-up sounds like your kind of movie madness, then The Devil’s Well from writer/director Kurtis Spieler is waiting for you to explore it’s murky depths, if you dare. […]

Vincent J Roth Interview

Surge of Power Creator Interview with Vincent J Roth

by HojuKoolanderon January 8, 2018
Cinema’s first out gay superhero, Surge is jumping back into adventure with big laughs in Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel, which I reviewed for here. The comic book style adventure was a lot of fun and so I sought out an interview with Surge of Power Creator, Vincent J Roth to find […]

Surge of Power Revenge of The Sequel

Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 4, 2018
Need your fix of super-hero cinema before Black Panther pounces into theaters this February? Well Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel is a January release that’s got more comic book fun and celebrity cameos than you can shake a pyramid tipped rod at. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense later. As a comic book reader […]

2047 Virtual Revolution Movie

2047 Virtual Revolution – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 4, 2018
While some might consider 2047 Virtual Revolution to be nothing more than a stylish homage to Blade Runner, it is Guy-Roger Duvert’s laser focused vision that manages to guide the film into a genuine futuristic adventure with its own voice. Let get right to it, I really enjoyed 2047 Virtual Revolution. I’ll also admit that […]

The Blessed Ones Movie

The Blessed Ones – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon December 10, 2017
The opening title sequence of writer/director Patrick O’Bell’s The Blessed Ones is a quick cutting montage of unsettling stock footage, wherein various known cult groups of the last century perform their rituals of worship. The eery imagery pulled from actual events sets an uncomfortable tone that The Blessed Ones attempts to live up to during […]

The Gatehouse Movie Monster

The Gatehouse Review – A Creepy Delight

by HojuKoolanderon November 30, 2017
The horror adventure of The Gatehouse as presented by director Martin Gooch is akin to entering a funhouse and not knowing what disorienting illusion you’ll come upon with each step. The Gatehouse is at its core a dark fairy tale full of cheap thrills and genuine amusement, making local carnival fun an apt comparison. Jack, […]

Andrew David Barker Director of A Reckoning

Interview with Andrew David Barker, Director of A Reckoning

by HojuKoolanderon November 27, 2017
Andrew David Barker is a British born filmmaker turned author, who transformed his love of horror movies into a creative legacy that is blossoming as we speak. I recently reviewed his engaging indie film A Reckoning here and was inspired to take it a step further by getting inside the creative process that birthed this […]