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Seventh Console Generation: Top 5 Lessons

by ImmortalPhoenixon March 14, 2013
The Twilight of the Seventh Console Generation: Top 5 Lessons Learned    The 7th console generation of 2005-2013 is slowly coming to a close with the release of the Wii U and the imminent Fall launch of the PS3. For gamers, developers, and publishers now would be a great time to do some introspective thinking and learn […]

The Perfect MMO – A Guide to Creating it

by ImmortalPhoenixon February 2, 2013
    (There are important elements to an MMO that current games studios are just ignoring. Will they ignore them forever?) Is there such a thing as a perfect MMO? Aren’t people and gamers different themselves and don’t we all have different tastes? How can one game appeal to all of us? How can the […]

Review: Don’t Starve

by ImmortalPhoenixon January 21, 2013
Sandbox games are some of my favorite types of games because they give you the freedom to explore, take chances, find new things, and have unique experiences. I think the days of linear gameplay are slowly coming to an end or at least being revolutionized in such a way that gamers never feel the gameplay […]

Thoughts: Sony stops production of PlayStation 2

by ImmortalPhoenixon January 11, 2013
  (Selling 150 million units, the PS2’s dominance is unchallenged and writ in the pages of history forever. Sony, in this way, has been immortalized.) The best-selling console of all time and the console that really defined my mid-gamer generation, is about to meet the great bin of heaven. Sony is officially, after 13 years, […]

First Quarter VideoGame releases of 2013

by ImmortalPhoenixon January 2, 2013
 A great video showing all the games and their box art:    httpv://   1. Jan 8 Anarchy Reigns2. Jan 15. DMC New Devil May Cry3. Jan 15. Sniper ghost Warrior 24. Jan 17. New Borderlands 2 DLC5. Jan 22. Ni No Komi Wrath of the White Witch6. Feb 5. Dead Space 37. Feb 5. […]

Gaming Award Analysis – Categories, Selection, and Philosophy

by ImmortalPhoenixon December 27, 2012
  [pullquote_right]Which awards you give is as important as the selection process of giving awards. The Philosophy behind award categories is essential for Video Game Award committees to understand[/pullquote_right]   The mission of this column has always been to analyze gaming culture and the gaming industry and a great topic around this time is end […]

Are Games Getting too Easy?

by ImmortalPhoenixon December 21, 2012
(So yea, Gaming hasn’t improved, it has simply gotten simpler so we imbeciles can enjoy it. Right? Wrong!) Commonly in Video Game culture there comes a discussion of how games today are just far too easy and they’ve developed this way to make it easier for the masses to play games. This idea perpetuates the […]

Asymmetrical Gameplay

by ImmortalPhoenixon December 15, 2012
   (When you enter the virtual world you want as much of the real you as you can to take part. Asymmetrical gameplay is a way of playing to your strengths and taking advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses.) Everyone has an intrinsic way they love to fight or compete. Asymmetrical Gameplay takes advantage of that. […]

Top 5 things that make a Bad Video Game

by ImmortalPhoenixon November 11, 2012
   (Sometimes Game Developers think they’re making games for rats rather than Humans. We’re quite a bit more pickier and are a little more complex.) It’s very hard to pinpoint all the reasons a game is good. Sometimes what makes it good for one person has no effect on another. It seems like the best […]

Playing Video Games is Productive: A Scholarly Assessment

by ImmortalPhoenixon November 2, 2012
   (Being in a university setting, with a major in the sciences definitely affects your outlook on life. In this article I take that unique outlook on life and analyze gaming and productivity.) Time and time again we ask ourselves if we’re wasting our time by playing games. There are literally millions of websites, tweets, […]

Digital Games are not Physical ones

by ImmortalPhoenixon October 26, 2012
  (Gamers have a right to be treated fairly. If they buy a lower quality item they should pay a lower price.) I read a very interesting article on the BBC’s site about how humans are born fair and how the idea of fairness is really unique to humans. Now we know the world isn’t […]

Downloadable Content Analysis DLC’s – The Good, The Bad, and the Very Very Ugly

by ImmortalPhoenixon October 19, 2012
 (A custom picture I made showing the clash between physical media and digital downloads. We want the best of both worlds but currently DLCs are digital download only.) So what is a D.L.C? Simply put, it’s an extra add-on to a game that the game didn’t originally come with. It doesn’t have to cost money, […]