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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Tips and Tricks on Getting Started

by Jeffrey Harrison November 18, 2017
With Final Fantasy XV came Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, the free-to-play mobile massively multiplayer online strategy game from Machine Zone and Square Enix. A spin-off of Square Enix’s juggernaut RPG, Final Fantasy XV is full of depth and impressive gameplay. We’re here to run down some of the best tips and tricks for […]

The Ultimatest Battle

The Ultimatest Battle Interview – Game Designer Nicolas Eskenazi

by Jeffrey Harrison October 16, 2017
PopGeeks recently had the chance to speak with Ediogames communication director, Nicolas Eskenazi, who served as the game designer for the new indie game release for Steam, The Ultimatest Battle. The new release is a free-to-play, competitive 2D real-time arena shooter that features a mix of elements from strategy, shooter and arena brawling games akin […]

Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Hits PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

by Jeffrey Harrison October 3, 2017
If you’ve been waiting for the chance to play Dragon’s Dogma for your game consoles, now you will get that chance. Capcom has released Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen today for consoles with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases. You can check out the latest launch trailer for the game in the player below. The epic […]


Award-winning Composer Austin Wintory on Working in Video Games – Interview

by Jeffrey Harrison October 2, 2017
PopGeeks recently had the chance to sit down and speak with music composer Austin Wintory. Wintory is an award-winning veteran who has worked on such big franchises as Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. He also received a Grammy Award nomination for his work on Journey, which marked the first time a video game score was ever nominated […]

Ship of Heroes

Ship of Heroes: New Villain Group Revealed

by Jeffrey Harrison October 1, 2017
This week, the developers of the upcoming MMORPG, Ship of Heroes, announced some new details on a non-super powered mercenary villain group that will be in the game called the Yekus Mercenary clan. Alpha tests also recently began for the game’s character creator. The developers are describing the group as a multi-species pack of soldiers […]

Ship of Heroes

Ship of Heroes: New Character Creation Demo Released

by Jeffrey Harrison September 25, 2017
The developers for the upcoming sci-fi MMORPG, Ship of Heroes, revealed a new demo video today showcasing the game’s updated Character Creator. You can check out the new demo video, featuring new footage, in the player below. The video also showcases the creation of the signature in-game NPC The Ambassador. Additionally, it shows the primary […]

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath: New Update Reveals Guild Management

by Jeffrey Harrison September 5, 2017
Curious Panda released a new update on the Kickstarter page for the upcoming RPG, The Iron Oath. The new update released today has details on Guild Management in the game. In The Iron Oath, players will be able recruit and manage the contracts of a guild roster in-game. The game has timespans that can last for […]

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath: Latest Stretch Goal Revealed

by Jeffrey Harrison September 4, 2017
In the latest update from developer Curious Panda on Kickstarter, the latest stretch goal was revealed for the upcoming RPG The Iron Oath. The other stretch goals were revealed across the marks of $65K, $70K, and $85K. The next stretch goal revealed today is the $85,000 one, which bodes for some impressive customization choices for players. […]

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath: New Provisions and Camping Details

by Jeffrey Harrison September 2, 2017
Per Curious Panda’s Kickstarter Page for The Iron Oath, some new details were revealed for the upcoming RPG. The game is now past its initial funding goal and looks to hit its Guild Council stretch goal. And it only needs about $7,000 to hit the next stretch goal. In the new update, Curious Panda revealed new […]

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath: New Update Reveals Customization

by Jeffrey Harrison August 30, 2017
Curious Panda revealed a new Kickstarter on the upcoming RPG The Iron Oath. The game is nearly at its initial funding goal of $45,000. The campaign has raised close to $42,000 with eight days left to go, making the campaign 95 percent funded. The update this week revealed new details on the game’s customization options. In […]

Dead Alliance

Dead Alliance Hits Consoles and PC This Week

by Jeffrey Harrison August 29, 2017
Maximum Games officially announced this week the launch of the new team-based shooter Dead Alliance. The game is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. It’s priced at $39.99 for all platforms. In Dead Alliance, players can take part in single-player and multiplayer firefights against flesh-hungry zombies. The Rapid Dominance Day One […]

Rune: Ragnarok

Rune: Ragnarok Announced by Human Head Studios

by Jeffrey Harrison August 28, 2017
Human Head Studios officially announced a new open-world RPG this week called Rune: Ragnarok. The game is the studio’s follow-up to Rune. You can also check out a new announcement trailer for the game in the player below. Rune: Ragnarok will be a sandbox, open-world role-playing game. It’s set in a dangerous Norse Universe during […]