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Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 14, 2017
While the classic RPG might have been somewhat crowded out of the consoles space in recent times due to a focus more on first-person shooters, open-world sandbox games, and more action-orientated role-playing games, there has been a slight resurgence in recent times. Diablo 3 and the Wasteland 2 have shown there is certainly a market […]

Endless Space 2 Update Finally Adds New Ships

by Nathan Gibsonon September 13, 2017
The latest Endless Space 2 update has arrived on Steam and introduces two brand new class of ships to the action for the very first time. The fighters and bombers add a new tactical layer to encounters, as they are able to give you a strategic advantage over certain cruisers and bigger ships.  As a […]

Rocket league Fall Update Brings Plenty Of New Content And Features

by Nathan Gibsonon September 13, 2017
This fall is set to see a big update for Rocket League which will include plenty of new content and features for players across all platforms. Perhaps the most requested is the ability to switch transparent goalposts on or off depending on preference for those who do not want to use the opaque models anymore. […]

Observer (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 13, 2017
The survival horror genre has gone through a big revival in the last few years after seemingly disappearing from the landscape completely. It is a genre where smaller developers, like Bloober Team, have been able to experiment and release games such as Layers of Fear. Taking everything they learned from that release, the studio has […]

Madden 18 (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 9, 2017
The yearly release of Madden has become such a traditional part of gaming that many people purchase the latest game without even thinking about it. It is a franchise that has often gone through phases of very slight improvements and then major wholesale changes. This year’s Madden 18 sits comfortably in the middle, improving upon […]

Fornite Early Access Impressions

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
Fornite has been a long time coming and it is still technically not officially here yet. What is now a paid Early Access title was first announced in 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards. It took inspiration from the likes of Minecraft and Left4Dead to create a mashup that incorporates elements of base building, […]

F1 2017 Review (Xbox One)

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
F1 2017 is Codemaster’s ninth instalment in the Formula 1 series that they have created since securing the rights to the sport in 2008. Unlike other sports franchises, such as Madden or FIFA, that have always been money-spinners, the F1 rights have had a checkered history. Plenty of publishers have taken a stab at them […]

Microsoft Hopeful Of More Crossplay Between Platforms

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
Microsoft has revealed how it is willing to work with other major players in the gaming industry to try and normalize crossplay between different platforms. The company wants to have a conversation with developers and service providers so that players can get the best experience possible. Speaking to Game Reactor at Gamescon, Xbox head of […]

Super Meat Boy Forever Due Out In 2018

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
Super Meat Boy Forever is set to launch in 2018 across a variety of platforms it was announced today. Revealed in a brand new trailer for the game at Nintendo’s indie event earlier today, it is clear that the game is a full sequel to the 2010 game Super Meat Boy. According to the trailer, […]

Shovel Knight’s Last DLC Expansion Revealed

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
The third and final expansion for Shovel Knight has been revealed at the Nindies Summer Showcase. As previously announced, King of Cards will feature King Knight as the playable character and will see a new card-based mechanic introduced to shakeup the gameplay somewhat. This DLC follows the Plague of Shadows and Specter of Torment expansions. […]

Bethesda’s New Paid Mod System Goes Live

by Nathan Gibsonon August 29, 2017
The Creation Club, a newly introduced modding system from Bethesda for Skyrim and Fallout 4, has launched on PC. The service essentially works in a similar manner to previous mods for those two games but adds an extra review system by the publisher to ensure that the new content works flawlessly with the game. This […]

Black The Fall Review (Xbox One)

by Nathan Gibsonon August 28, 2017
Black The Fall is the first game from new developer Sand Sailor Studio. At first glimpse it will probably instantly remind you of the likes of Inside, another monochromatic puzzle platformer. Yet, when you get down to the nitty gritty it becomes obvious that Black The Fall is a very different game, in terms of […]