Azure Saga: Pathfinder, a new 2.5D RPG adventure game, is about to launch on Steam. In the far future mankind successfully colonized space, but the beings that were already there pushed back. Now humanity’s last stronghold is the resource-rich planet of Azure. Synch, the main character, is a scientist who has arrived on Azure in search of his missing father.

* Immersive world: A classic storyline sure to please veterans and newbies alike.

* Traditional turn-based RPG gameplay: Classically inspired turn-based combat with random enemy encounters – like the Japanese RPGs of yore.

* Strategic planning: Configure your characters’ gear and jewels to reach their full potential.

* United Skills: Unite, mix, and match your characters’ skills to discover powerful abilities – each with their own effects!

* Classic “old school” feel: The game is packed with adventures, puzzles, and secrets to discover.

As the headline says, you’ll be able to take a vacation to Azure as soon as this Tuesday — just visit Steam and pay the $9.74 ticket fee. This is a 25% reduction in price from its intended sticker of $12.99, which it’ll revert to on March 20.

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