The Flash’s third season was kind of a head-banger, and I don’t mean in the heavy metal sense. It was dour and boring and Barry kept making mistakes so ridiculous that no one could root for him anymore. The producers know they have to shape up….therefore they’re promising the upcoming Season 4 will be lighter in tone.

Season 3 ended with Barry trapped in the Speed Force Thingy and the first episode may not have much of him. He will get out, of course, but apparently instead of being grateful her boyfriend is alive, Iris is going to argue with him over something (they told these details to Entertainment Weekly, but they weren’t specific).

The romantic subplots have always been the weakest part of the CW superhero lineup, mainly because it doesn’t feel like the writers are really trying. Two people will be brought together whether their actors have chemistry or not. Then some weird contrived thing will be thrown between them for the sake of conflict, usually one of the characters lying about something and the other finding out the truth. They apologize and make up. Then they do it again.

At this point, barely into Season 4, Barry has already proposed to Iris twice. She squealed “YES” both times. Are they getting married yet, or what? According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg….that WILL happen at some point during Season 4, most likely during a sweeps month. But how can we believe they like, let alone love, each other if they rarely act like they do? 85% of the time we see Barry and Iris together they’re fighting.

We’re not suggesting conflict has to be nonexistent. It just has to make sense, and when people fight on The Flash it is usually for unrealistic reasons. Kreisberg says “They are finally going to get married this season and then it’s going to be: Can they stay married with everything that’s coming up against them?” Take that statement how you will, but I’m going to be optimistic and assume the thing coming up against them is a nasty villain or a giant monster, not a spat over another stupid secret.

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