There’s a lot of buzz around the upcoming Justice League film, and not all of it good. You see, before things even started, fans weren’t happy that Zack Snyder would be the director of it. Then, after a family tragedy, Joss Whedon came in (as he’s going to be directing Batgirl) and helped the film to the finish line. But, in the process, he apparently did $25 million worth of reshoots, which has many panicking over what the final film will be like.

But, if one of the cast is to be beloved, it may not be as bad as we think. Ben Affleck talked with Entertainment Weekly about the current situation of Justice League, and admitted that though it’s odd to have two directors making the film in a way, it is working:

“It’s a little bit unorthodox,” said Affleck, “Zack had a family tragedy, and stepped off, which was horrible. For the movie, the best person we could’ve possibly found was Joss. We got really lucky that he stepped in.” He added that he felt the result was “an interesting product of two directors, both with kind of unique visions, both with really strong takes. I’ve never had that experience before making a movie. I have to say, I really love working with Zack, and I really love the stuff we’ve done with Joss.”

Justice League is set to arrive on November 17th.

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