The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and just the Marvel Comics film universe in general, has a big year in 2017. Infinity War is coming, Ant-Man and the Wasp will feature the first female co-lead, the X-Men are tackling the Dark Phoenix storyline again, Deadpool is locked and loaded for his sequel, but it’s all going to start with Black Panther. The highly anticipated film is getting praise across the world, and it’s hyping the film so much that it could be one of the biggest openings in recent memory.

First, they thought that it would make around $100 million (which is fair, as many first films for superheroes have done that or just below). Then, they cranked it up to $150 million (which would be very impressive), and now, new reports are saying $160 million is the expected domestic take in for the first weekend. That would be a record for both the MCU and superhero films in general in terms of solo premiere film gross.

This is no doubt because of Black Panther having a great marketing campaign, overwhelmingly positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and the fan buzz that’s circulating the film. Now, as this is an estimate, it remains to be seen whether it’ll actually make this much, it could make less, or, it could make a whole lot more.

It comes out in just a few days, so we’ll find out.

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