For those unfamiliar with Bridge Constructor, it’s a game where you’ve given a limited number of parts, shown an area that needs a bridge, and given the task of crafting something that’ll support the weight of a car. The series has sold millions of copies on cell phones, PCs and consoles, but just when you thought you had the entire gimmick mastered….now you have to start thinking with portals.

Headup Games and ClockStone Software present Bridge Constructor Portal, a new twist on the game where getting cars across involves bouncing on faith plates, avoiding turrets and falling upside-down. And of course, Ellen McLain’s GLaDOS will be around to throw snide remarks your way when you fail.

Bridge Constructor fans should be thrilled to have two franchises clash in this way. Portal fans, who have been waiting for a proper Portal game since the second one came out in 2011, are likely less enthused. At any rate, it’s nice to hear GLaDOS again.

The PC and mobile versions of Bridge Constructor Portal will be out December 20; the console version will follow in 2018.


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