Despite it being a “prequel series”, Gotham has never been shy about bringing in much of Batman’s Rogues Gallery to help boost the plot and keep things interesting. Such characters Penguin, Carmine Falcone, Catwoman, Riddler, Victor Zsasz, Poison Ivy, and the Court of Owls have been brought into the fold, and this upcoming season we’re seeing the truth birth of the Scarecrow, along with the arrival of Professor Pyg, among others.

But, true fans of Batman might be interested to know that another villain, of a lesser fame but fame nonetheless, may be coming to the next season. Calendar Man. Though not an “A-List” character, writers have found a way to make him interesting, including making him a key figure in the beloved storyline The Long Halloween. Speaking to ComicBook.com about the subject, one of the heads of Gotham said he’s come up in talks:

“Oh 100 percent,” Executive Producer John Stephens said of Calendar Man possibly coming to the series. “There’s been a lot of conversations about him. We got really close to using him this year, but we could not. But he’s one of the ones who’s on deck as saying, ‘Well, we gotta use Julian Day.'”

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