After years of pushing both Infinity Ward and Treyarch to pump out yearly Call of Duty sequels, has the series finally began to lose some of its juggernaut momentum? Apparently so according to a recent Gamasutra article. Despite having a stronger initial debut than previous entry Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3’s sales are currently falling behind by about 4.2% those of Treyarch’s title. 

Which is, of course, fantastic. At this point the best thing for this series would be for its sales to drop far enough that Activision actually takes the time to allow both Infinity Ward and Treyarch to foster some true creativity and perhaps a more interesting setting than burning major cities and generic cold war installation #4. Maybe they can even stop using Quake III’s engine and do something new visually as well. Either way, they need to do something different in the near future if they don’t want CoD to turn into a Guitar Hero style debacle.


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