Wild Eye Releasing will be putting out Cargo, a new action thriller, on VOD soon. It stars actor Ron Thompson, and just Ron Thompson — plus the voices of Jose Rosete, Corbin Timbrook, Matthew Rosvally, Danika Fields and  J.C. Maçek III, the latter of whom produced the film.

What’s it about? Well, it looks like this suited professional wakes up inside a cargo container and is stuck there for the duration of the picture. He has a lot of connections and his kidnappers are counting on that fact. Using only a cell phone, he has 24 hours to gather ten million dollars and wire it to the bad guys. or he won’t make it out of the shipping container alive.

Sounds thematically similar to a certain Ryan Reynolds feature, doesn’t it? Except in that one Reynolds was actually buried alive, his quarters were more confined, the situation felt more dire….if you’re going to make a cheap picture where someone’s stuck in a box for over an hour, the stakes need to be ridiculously tense. See also: Cube and its sequels.

The inside of a shipping container just isn’t as scary as the inside of a coffin, or a cubelike structure filled with booby traps. Cargo may never reach those heights commercially or critically. But at least it wasn’t that expensive to shoot. Cargo will be out in the near future from Wild Eye; it has no solid release date as of yet.

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