Black Panther

Black Panther Earns $192 Million In Its First 3 Days

by Todd Blackon February 18, 2018
So…that happened. Leading up to the release of Black Panther, there was a slew of estimates as to what it would do. First, there was a guess of about $100 million, which would’ve honestly been fair given past Marvel movies featuring solo characters. In fact, only Iron Man had breached 100 million in his solo […]

The Last Jedi

J.J. Abrams Isn’t Moved By The Last Jedi Haters, Especially Those That Hated The Female Characters

by Todd Blackon February 18, 2018
Star Wars The Last Jedi was both one of the most hyped Star Wars films…and one of the most divisive. The decisions made in the film by Rian Johnson has polarized the fanbase in a way that not even the prequels did. What’s worse though is how far these polarized fans have gone in order […]

Black Panther

Black Panther Review

by Todd Blackon February 17, 2018
You’d think after nearly ten years of films set in one universe that Marvel would be running out of ways to tell good stories, or that the “origin stories” of their heroes would be getting old. Yet, with the arrival of Black Panther, we can happily say that it’s not the case. This is a […]

Arrow Arsenal

Arrow Synopsis Teases Arsenal’s Return

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
Arrow’s Season 06 has been about dealing with a group of villains united against Oliver Queen, however, a key part of that storyline has now ended, and it’s leaving many to wonder what’s next. Well, one thing that will happen is the return of several key members of the team, including Roy Harper, aka Arsenal. […]

Because You Demanded It, Shaq-Fu Is Back

by Peter Paltridgeon February 16, 2018
One of the more infamous video game releases of the 1990s was Shaq-Fu, the Frankenstein result of several different trends hitting at once: the popularity of arcade fighters, the profitability of NBA pro star endorsements, and a competition between everybody to be more edgy and extreme than the others. At the time, casting Shaq as […]

personal space

See Richard Hatch One Last Time In Personal Space

by Peter Paltridgeon February 16, 2018
A few years back, three screenwriters had the idea to make their own sci-fi space series… but they couldn’t. Sci-fi premises are usually expensive, and anything they put together would be low-budget. Then they got the idea to film the entire series from the perspective of a camera in the ship’s computer… and Personal Space […]

Teen Titans GO!

Teen Titans GO! Film Gets Hilarious Parody Poster

by Todd Blackon February 16, 2018
So, for a while now, we’ve said that the only DC Comics film coming out this year is the Aquaman film, and that technically is correct, as it’s the only film set within that universe to come out. But by “universe”, we mean interconnected, there is another DC Comics property getting a film though, and […]


KULT Creators Plan New Book Set In Their RPG World

by Peter Paltridgeon February 15, 2018
Gunilla Jonsson and Michael Petersén met each other on the same roleplaying group back in 1981. Soon after they decided to team up and create their own tabletop games, and soon became major players in the Swedish RPG scene. In the 90s they created KULT, a horror tabletop experience that has since become a cult […]

Syrinscape Releases New Oriental Tavern Soundset

by Peter Paltridgeon February 15, 2018
The Australian company Syrinscape specializes in creating atmospheric sound and music for tabletop RPG games. The company offers a free 30-day trial, along with two free sound packs you can keep even if you choose not to pay the monthly fee. Today Syrinscape released the latest soundset to their expanding library: “Oriental Tavern.” It contains […]


The Art Of Magic The Gathering: DOMINARIA Coming This Summer

by Peter Paltridgeon February 15, 2018
Part of what attracts collectors to Magic: The Gathering is the gorgeous artwork on the cards, and it should surprise no one that a series of art books is now into its fifth volume. And there’s a sixth on the way: Viz announced The Art Of Magic The Gathering: DOMINARIA today. Step aboard the legendary […]

Slice, Dice & Rice

Slice, Dice & Rice Has Arrived On PS4

by Todd Blackon February 15, 2018
Arc System Works Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce that Slice, Dice & Rice, the fighting game without health bars, comes to the PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®4 today! Slice, Dice & Rice, created by Polish developer, Dojo Games, is a unique fighting game that has you dancing along the blade’s edge for survival! It revolves around the idea […]

Attrition: Tactical Fronts

Attrition: Tactical Fronts Coming To Steam March 7th

by Todd Blackon February 15, 2018
Cardboard Keep today announced that Attrition: Tactical Fronts will move from Steam’s Early Access to Final Release on Wednesday 7 March 2018. This classic, World War themed, turn-based strategy game for PC Windows, Mac and Linux is accessible and quick to play without sacrificing tactical variety and depth – either single player against AI, complete with full […]