luke cage season 2

Here’s A New Luke Cage Season 2 Clip

by Peter Paltridgeon May 24, 2018
Luke Cage Season 2 will be here in about a month. As we saw in the first season, it takes a lot to bring down the human tank from the barbershop…but the first trailer revealed someone may just have his number, and the new clip deals with the aftermath of that revelation. Luke may have […]

doctor who

Twitch To Stream All Classic Episodes Of Doctor Who

by Peter Paltridgeon May 24, 2018
Doctor Who’s original unbroken run lasted for over 500 episodes, spanning 1963 to 1989. Seven actors played the role during this time, including some of the most famous (Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee). If you were to take six hours out of your day to watch all of them, and you began on May 29, you […]

eden rising supremacy

Eden Rising Supremacy: Early Access Roadmap

by Peter Paltridgeon May 24, 2018
Nvizzio Creations officially released their PC game Eden Rising Supremacy last week, which combines tower defense, open world, third-person action and multiplayer. You are an armored soldier called a Warden, tasked with defending human strongholds called Crucibles from hostile alien creatures. The Crucibles serve as your base, and they’re where you can upgrade your weapons […]


Two New Clips From Monochrome

by Peter Paltridgeon May 23, 2018
Gravitas Ventures and Devilworks.are bringing Monochrome to home video formats next month. The film revolves around an ace detective with an “unusual neurological condition” that helps him solve crimes. He finds his ultimate target in an unnamed woman, “a serial killer targeting wealthy land-owners.” BAFTA winner James Cosmo (TV’s Game of Thrones, Braveheart) stars in […]

Accel World

VIZ Media Expanding Their Anime and Manga Catalogs!

by Todd Blackon May 22, 2018
VIZ Media is one of the biggest distributors of anime and manga comics. They have some of the biggest titles under their banner, and as such, are very popular. But, that doesn’t mean they’re just staying stagnant, for they are always looking for new titles to bring under their banner. And now, they’ve acquired two […]

Gray Dawn

Gray Dawn Arrives On June 7th

by Todd Blackon May 22, 2018
Video games offer a lot of interesting stories, and because of that, developers try and make unique ones whenever they can. And that’s exactly what the dev team behind Gray Dawn has done. For they have made what they call a “religious thriller” title. One that has you traveling through two worlds to clear your name. […]

iratus: lord of the dead

Iratus: Lord of the Dead Kickstater Now Live

by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2018
Russian game developer Unfrozen Studios has been working on Iratus: Lord of the Dead, a new roguelike RPG, and they’re about ready to reveal it to the world — and get some funding. A Kickstarter for the game officially launched today with a goal of $20,000. In Iratus you play as the bad guy: the […]

Death Coming Now Available On Android

by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2018
NEXT Studios’ Death Coming was once only available on iOS and Steam. Now it doesn’t matter what phone you own — you can reap souls anywhere you go. Death Coming is a “fourth-person non-linear puzzle game” where you play as a Grim Reaper, and watch over an isometric view full of humans just going about […]

evolution war

Evolution War Coming This Summer

by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2018
You say you want an evolution? Neil Johnson, director of many a sci-fi feature, has announced his next project, Evolution War, is nearing completion and will be released sometime this summer. This will be his fourteenth picture. Actress Tracey Birdsall, last seen in “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and a rom-com called “Who’s Jenna…?”, headlines the […]

weaponized cat action figures


by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2018
As the Swat Kats taught us, you make cats better by giving them weapons. Weaponized cat action figures are about to become a reality. When Bandai uploaded images of cats kitted out with mechanized war-suits, they were making a joke (it was April 1, after all). But after receiving many responses along the likes of […]

final fantasy tactics 2

Final Fantasy Tactics 2 Was Almost A Reality

by Peter Paltridgeon May 22, 2018
Final Fantasy Tactics is regarded to this day as one of Square’s best releases and one of the greatest strategy RPGs of all time. And during a live presentation today, Yasumi Matsuno (the director of the game) revealed we nearly got a sequel: Final Fantasy Tactics 2. The director showed off four screenshots from an […]

The Flashback Interview: Pleasant Gehman

by Johnny Capson May 22, 2018
Pleasant Gehman is the definition of the phrase “renaissance woman”. Pleasant is a talent who has done a whole lot of work in multiple different fields, and done a great job with everything she’s tackled. She’s been a musician with groups like The Screamin’ Sirens and The Ringling Sisters. Under the name Princess Farhana, as […]