Inoperable Opens For Limited Engagement December 1

by Peter Paltridgeon November 21, 2017
Time loop stories seem to be a hot trend in movies these days, and Zorya Films’ new picture Inoperable has arrived just in time to ride the wave. Danielle Harris (from the Hatchet franchise and several Halloween movies) stars as Amy, a woman who wakes up in an abandoned hospital. With what little resources she […]


Chris Miller and Phil Lord Talk “Solo” Departure

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2017
The Star Wars universe may be getting bigger, but it’s been having some interesting problems as of late, not the least of which was the departure of Chris Miller and Phil Lord from the Han Solo anthology film that’s set to arrive next year. Despite having a lot of hype behind them going in, their sudden […]

lizard people

Lisa Ovies To Direct Horror-Comedy Beverly Hills Lizard People

by Peter Paltridgeon November 20, 2017
We don’t have a trailer for this one yet — it hasn’t started filming. But with a title like Beverly Hills Lizard People, why would we wait? Produced by Cthulhu Crush Productions, the script will be written by Jody Wheeler. And the plot will be what you think it is: An ancient race of shape-shifting […]

Soembody’s Darling Coming To VOD December 1

by Peter Paltridgeon November 20, 2017
See if this sounds familiar: a privileged man who can have whatever he wants decides he wants a specific woman — and he won’t accept her answer of “no” no matter how many times she repeats it. The movie Somebody’s Darling feels especially relevant now that sexual harassment and unwanted advances are a nationwide issue […]


Arrowverse Mid-Season Finales Synopses

by Todd Blackon November 20, 2017
As is tradition now, the DC Comics show on the CW will be hitting their fall finales/mid-season finales in a few weeks. In fact, it’ll happen a week after the epic crossover event “Crises On Earth-X.” And these will be the last episodes for a few weeks until the shows start up at the beginning […]

Why The End-Credits Scenes For Justice League Were Important

by Todd Blackon November 19, 2017
Justice League is here (read our review!) and with it came a pair of end credits scenes that are sure to make DC Comics fans excited. But to the uninitiated, you might not understand what happened. But don’t worry, we’re to break them down. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! 1. Who’s The Fastest? The first one was […]

Cargo Is Shipping Soon From Wild Eye

by Peter Paltridgeon November 17, 2017
Wild Eye Releasing will be putting out Cargo, a new action thriller, on VOD soon. It stars actor Ron Thompson, and just Ron Thompson — plus the voices of Jose Rosete, Corbin Timbrook, Matthew Rosvally, Danika Fields and  J.C. Maçek III, the latter of whom produced the film. What’s it about? Well, it looks like […]

A Reckoning That Should Come To Us All – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon November 16, 2017
A Reckoning is a startlingly bleak, yet undeniably engaging moving picture experience from start to finish. Need a break from loud and lazy cinematic spectacle? A Reckoning is a startlingly bleak, yet undeniably engaging moving picture experience from start to finish. Many filmmakers promise a masterpiece and deliver a crayon stick figure drawing, while other […]


Zachary Levi Describes SHAZAM! Role and Film

by Todd Blackon November 15, 2017
Justice League is just days away, but then, the DCEU basically takes a year off until Aquaman arrives next December. But then, in 2019, it’s coming back with a vengeance, with Wonder Woman 2, possibly Suicide Squad 2, and the live-action film debut of SHAZAM!, where we know the lead role will be Zachary Levi. Suffice […]


Alpha: The Awakening Is Coming

by Peter Paltridgeon November 14, 2017
Giant Flick Films LLC is a production and distribution company based in Hollywood whose first release was Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage starring Patrick Stewart. Now they’re getting ready for an awakening….Alpha: The Awakening that is, a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror film influenced by classic science fiction anthologies of the 20th century. “I was a big fan of […]

The Cutlass Delivers Dark Themes In An Exotic Locale – Review

by HojuKoolanderon November 13, 2017
At first glance at the poster art for The Cutlass, I was intrigued. As far as I knew, a cutlass was either a vintage car in my elderly neighbor’s garage or an old school pirate sword, but the knife wielding gal standing front and center in the promo art didn’t seem connected to either of […]

the cutlass

The Cutlass Is Coming This December

by Peter Paltridgeon November 13, 2017
Wild Eye Releasing has announced the imminent arrival of The Cutlass, an action thriller making its debut next month. When a young tourist disappears into the jungles of Trinidad, her family feels all hope is lost. The situation looks bad when a dangerous madman starts hunting her down….but little does he know he picked the […]