The Flashback Interview: Shari Shattuck

by Johnny Capson May 17, 2017
My first exposure to my next interview subject came when I purchased a VHS copy of The Naked Cage in the mid-00s after having read about it in several books about 80s movies. An excellent contribution to the genre of women-in-prison movies, the film starred Shari Shattuck as a woman named Michelle, who is framed […]

The Flashback Interview: Chuck Workman

by Johnny Capson May 8, 2017
If you’ve watched the Academy Awards at any point over the course of the past three decades, the chances are very good that you’ve seen one of my next interview subject’s works. Chuck Workman won an Oscar in 1987 for his 1986 short Precious Images, a rapid-fire look at cinema up to that time. He’s […]

Interview With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Patricia Summersett

by Jeffrey Harrison May 1, 2017 recently had the chance to sit down and speak actress Patricia Summersett. Very recently, Summersett appeared as the voice for the iconic role of Princess Zelda for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In the game, she provides the voice for the latest iteration of the legendary character for the game series […]

The Flashback Interview: Toni Hudson

by Johnny Capson April 10, 2017
2017 Introduction: I was originally going to publish this interview last year, but I didn’t hear back from Ms. Hudson, due to her busy schedule, until this year. She gave me permission to publish it, so here it goes. Original introduction: In October of 2015, I attended Chiller Theatre for the third time. I met […]

The Flashback Interview: Hilary Shepard

by Johnny Capson April 3, 2017
As my 80s fandom blossomed in the 00s, I was first exposed to my next interview subject when I saw the movie Tough Guys on VHS. The final film collaboration of Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, there were many small, but memorable, roles in the movie. Hilary Shepard played Sandy, the manager of a restaurant […]

The Flashback Interview: Stacey Nelkin

by Johnny Capson March 20, 2017
My first exposure to my next interview subject came via HBO Comedy in the 00s. I had read a review of the 1980 comedy Serial in a 1987 book of movie reviews from People Magazine. Intrigued by the review, I saw Serial on HBO Comedy and loved the tale of hippies transforming into yuppies on […]

The NeverEnding Story - Tami Stronach

Interview With The NeverEnding Story’s Tami Stronach

by Jeffrey Harrison March 10, 2017 recently had the chance to sit down and speak to a geek icon in the form of Tami Stronach. Fans will remember her as The Childlike Empress from the 1984 classic The NeverEnding Story. She was just 11 years old when she was cast in that iconic role. However, since that time, Stronach turned […]

The Flashback Interview: Rip Taylor

by Johnny Capson March 9, 2017
Rip Taylor is a very unique performer. With his rapid wit, quickfire puns and bursts of confetti, he’s been the Clown Prince Of Pandemonium for more than half-a-century. In the 90s, I saw him in a variety of projects ranging from Ducktales The Movie and Wayne’s World 2 on the big screen to Amazon Women […]

The Flashback Interview: Judy Tenuta

by Johnny Capson March 2, 2017
My next interview subject has many nicknames. Some call her the Love Goddess. Others call her The Petite Flower. Still others refer to her as the Princess Of Panty Shields or the Empress Of Elvis Impersonators. Simply put, she is Judy Tenuta, comedienne, actress, musician and a talent I find to be very underrated. 2017 […]

The Flashback Interview: Terri Lenee Peake

by Johnny Capson February 1, 2017
My interest in the pop culture of the past not only involves movies, music and television, but also books and magazines as well. In 2015, I liked the Facebook page for the book 6200 Carbon Canyon Road by Terri Lenee Peake, a former Penthouse Pet and and actress. Ms. Peake sent me a friend request […]

The Flashback Interview: Galyn Görg

by Johnny Capson January 2, 2017
In November, I reached out to actress and dancer Galyn Görg about an interview. Galyn Görg is a versatile talent as both an actress and a dancer, and she had achieved fame on two continents. In America, she appeared in music videos for talents like Lionel Richie, ZZ Top and The Jacksons, and has made […]

The Flashback Interview: Katie Leigh

by Johnny Capson December 26, 2016
One of the formative TV shows of my youth was Muppet Babies. The show’s mixture of animation and live-action created an imprint on me that has lasted a long time. To this day, I’m amazed at the depth and breadth of the show’s references. Another program I enjoyed watching in my youth was Dumbo’s Circus, […]