Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 14, 2017
While the classic RPG might have been somewhat crowded out of the consoles space in recent times due to a focus more on first-person shooters, open-world sandbox games, and more action-orientated role-playing games, there has been a slight resurgence in recent times. Diablo 3 and the Wasteland 2 have shown there is certainly a market […]

Observer (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon September 13, 2017
The survival horror genre has gone through a big revival in the last few years after seemingly disappearing from the landscape completely. It is a genre where smaller developers, like Bloober Team, have been able to experiment and release games such as Layers of Fear. Taking everything they learned from that release, the studio has […]

Tooth And Tail Review

by Todd Blackon September 12, 2017
It’s always interesting to see how games change and morph to become something interesting and unique, and that definitely applies to Tooth and Tail. For on the surface, it seems like a simple RTS title, but as you dive into it, you realize that this is a game of true management of resources, mixed with […]

Archaica: The Path Of Light Review

by Todd Blackon September 10, 2017
One of the things I love about video gaming is that people sometimes forget that the most intense (and fun) games are the ones that have the simplest of concepts and mechanics. Yes, there are sprawling epics that test your mettle in multiple venues, but also, there are ones that test you in one faculty, […]

Fornite Early Access Impressions

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
Fornite has been a long time coming and it is still technically not officially here yet. What is now a paid Early Access title was first announced in 2011 at the Spike Video Game Awards. It took inspiration from the likes of Minecraft and Left4Dead to create a mashup that incorporates elements of base building, […]

F1 2017 Review (Xbox One)

by Nathan Gibsonon August 30, 2017
F1 2017 is Codemaster’s ninth instalment in the Formula 1 series that they have created since securing the rights to the sport in 2008. Unlike other sports franchises, such as Madden or FIFA, that have always been money-spinners, the F1 rights have had a checkered history. Plenty of publishers have taken a stab at them […]

Black The Fall Review (Xbox One)

by Nathan Gibsonon August 28, 2017
Black The Fall is the first game from new developer Sand Sailor Studio. At first glimpse it will probably instantly remind you of the likes of Inside, another monochromatic puzzle platformer. Yet, when you get down to the nitty gritty it becomes obvious that Black The Fall is a very different game, in terms of […]

Rule With An Iron Fish Steam Review

by Todd Blackon August 28, 2017
I always find it interesting when mobile titles are moved to consoles or PC, because I like to see how the game transfers, does it hold it, is it fun in a non-mobile format, etc. Rule With An Iron Fish is a hit mobile game, and has actually won awards for its gameplay, and just […]

Dicey Ventures Earth and Arcane 2D Terrain Kit - All 30 Terrain Pieces

For Those About To Roll, We Salute You! Dicey Ventures Earth and Arcane 2D Neoprene Terrain Review

by Kyle Thomason August 9, 2017
Dicey Ventures Earth and Arcane 2D Neoprene Terrain cut outs are durable and easy to transport. The artwork, while stylized and not highly detailed, effectively helps set a scene and allows for easy game prep. At $25.00 USD Dungeons & Dragons DMs are getting their money’s worth in items and quality.  A few weeks ago, […]

Refunct Review (Xbox One)

by Nathan Gibsonon August 8, 2017
The premise of Refunct is deceptively simple. You simply have to travel onto every platform in the world. This involves the player having to traverse across a variety of different obstacles to reach these platforms. In essence, it is a freerunning experience that tests your ability to learn and experiment as you play along, climbing […]

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 03 Review

by Todd Blackon August 4, 2017
Voltron Legendary Defender is easily becoming one of the best seasonal shows on Netflix, I mean that knowing (and seeing) all the Marvel shows. In a way, it’s becoming as popular as it was in the 80’s when it first released, and that’s saying something. Fans have eagerly waited for Season 03 to arrive, and […]

Superhot (PlayStation 4) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon July 31, 2017
For those who are unaware of Superhot, it is a first-person shooter unlike any other. Rather than being a fast-paced action orientated game it instead tasks players with moving excruciatingly slowly as they think about every minute action they have to take to defeat their enemies. This is because that time only passes as you […]