420 Massacre Movie Review

by Adam Popeon April 11, 2018
420 Massacre sounds like Cheech and Chong’s stab at a horror movie, right? A couple of stoners lost in the wood that get sliced up between spliffs would be the likely premise. But if you’re assuming that 420 Massacre is nothing more than a horror-comedy shrouded in bong smoke, you are sorely mistaken. This April […]

Prodigy 2018 Movie

Prodigy Movie Review – A Must See Mutant Art House Experience

by Adam Popeon April 2, 2018
Are you hungry for a new flavor of film? The Prodigy movie is a cup of Hannibal Lecter mixed with a half-pint of Pippi Longstocking and a dash of X-Men spice that results in a delicious cinematic stew for even the most jaded movie goer. Prodigy is a March release from October Coast starring Richard […]

Ready Player One

Ready Player One Review

by Todd Blackon April 1, 2018
It’s rare that I’m ever truly moved by a film, and yet, I have been honored by two films now in two years that have moved me to my core. The first was Wonder Woman, which I gave a perfect score. And now, I’m honored to be giving a very similar honor to┬áReady Player One. […]

Battalion Alien Invasion Movie

Battalion Review – Battalion Battles Aliens and Expectations

by Adam Popeon March 22, 2018
Alien invaders have been plaguing mankind on movie screens for decades, so what does Battalion, an Australian import from writer/director Michael Miller bring to the intergalactic battlefield? More than you might think for a low-budget indie that relies on character drama instead of the usual Hollywood special effects blitzkrieg. Let’s look to the skies and […]

Killing Joan Is Just Killing Time – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon March 16, 2018
When asked what it’s like to die halfway through the film’s run time, the titular Joan responds, “it’s not peaceful, it’s painful”, and this sentiment couldn’t be more apt for the experience of watching Killing Joan. This supernatural, mob revenge film from writer/director Todd Bartoo is available this April and sure to hit you like […]

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Season 2 Review

by Todd Blackon March 10, 2018
How do you define a monster? Yeah, I know, that’s an odd question to ask at the beginning of a review for a superhero show, but to be honest, it’s very appropriate. For some, a monster is a being that tries to hurt it, impede us, make us feel small. To others, a monster is […]

Attrition: Tactical Fronts

Attrition: Tactical Fronts Review

by Todd Blackon March 7, 2018
Strategy games are a key genre in the video game world, and many titles try and reinvent the wheel with them, making them bigger, grander, having you control massive armies to ramp up the difficulty. When sometimes, the best way to go about it is just to make a really good tactical experience that pushes […]

Hells Kitty Angel

Hell’s Kitty is Goofy, Sexy Horror-Movie Review

by Adam Popeon March 4, 2018
Hell’s Kitty is coming this March and she’s gonna give you more than a case of Cat Scratch Fever, if you’re not careful. This wickedly surreal comedy from writer/director/star Nicholas Tana pays homage to many cult classic horror films while scoring cameos from the original stars for a sexually charged tongue in cheek presentation. But […]


Tangledeep: The Popgeeks Review

by Peter Paltridgeon March 2, 2018
Tangledeep is a very beautiful game that hides a harsh and punishing difficulty curve. It appears to be a paradise at first, but the game’s true nature rears its ugly head quickly. You start out in a small village in the middle of the forest, where everything you could need is conveniently within reach (the […]

Primal Rage Makes Bigfoot a Bad-Ass – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon February 26, 2018
While fans of 90’s fighting games may be disappointed to find that Primal Rage is not the story of pugilistic dinosaurs squaring off in a battle for animal supremacy as in the classic arcade experience, what director Patrick Magee does give us is a legitimately intense and well crafted Bigfoot brawl for all. Let’s dive […]

SOMA (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon February 24, 2018
Soma has been available to players for a long time, as long as you owned a relatively powerful PC or PlayStation 4. Xbox One players have had to wait until now to get their hands on the horror title. The issue is whether the game holds up on this platform and if it was worth […]

Bad Apples Slasher Movie

Bad Apples Births Twin Horror Icons – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon February 19, 2018
Bad Apples clues you in to its devious nature right up front, with an opening scene so violently shocking you’ll be left wondering how far writer/director Bryan Coyne is willing to take his story of small town terror. This Halloween night kill-fest is low budget horror in the purest sense, but there’s a sense of […]