Justice League

Justice League Review

by Todd Blackon November 18, 2017
I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I really liked Justice League. Sure, it’s not the flashiest superhero movie ever, it may not have all of the action you expect from a team-up film. But, the one thing it really does have, and that shines throughout the film, is heart. The […]

The Cutlass Delivers Dark Themes In An Exotic Locale – Review

by HojuKoolanderon November 13, 2017
At first glance at the poster art for The Cutlass, I was intrigued. As far as I knew, a cutlass was either a vintage car in my elderly neighbor’s garage or an old school pirate sword, but the knife wielding gal standing front and center in the promo art didn’t seem connected to either of […]

N++ Review

by Nathan Gibsonon November 13, 2017
N+ was one of the most highly acclaimed indie platformers of the last generation. With its deceptively simple controls and concept, it managed to dazzle players across the Xbox Live Arcade and other platforms. Thanks to a distinctive style and increasingly complex levels it was also able to become a game that critics recommended to […]


Skipper Review

by Todd Blackon November 11, 2017
I went to school for video game development, and one of the recurring themes of game design was to start simple, and work your way up. And while it’s true that many video games nowadays are pure spectacle, there are those who love to make the more simple games, the ones that test you in […]

Bad Girl is Modern Exploitation In A Slick Package – Review

by HojuKoolanderon November 6, 2017
Bad Girl, Bad Girl, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when audiences get a look at you? If The Asylum has anything to say about it, this bad girl will love you to death. Most movie fans know The Asylum as the direct to video studio keen on producing low budget copycat films of upcoming […]

Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok Review

by Todd Blackon November 4, 2017
I find myself in a bit of a crossroads writing this Thor: Ragnarok review. For I feel that this is one of those cases where the early reviews of the film painted it in such a way that the result was me not understanding why they loved it so much. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve […]

Pop Geeks Reviews Wild Eye Releasing’s Antihuman

by Johnny Capson October 31, 2017
Antihuman is not a movie about nihilism, nor is it a biography about George Carlin. Antihuman is a movie that, although its’ billed as a horror movie like Resident Evil, is more of a psychological horror piece. The movie, set in England, centers around Maggie (Anya Korzun), a dying young woman who is hoping to […]

Cuphead: The Popgeeks Review

by Peter Paltridgeon October 29, 2017
I will say one thing about Cuphead — it is incredibly easy. In fact it must be the easiest game ever made. I beat the first twelve bosses blindfolded, operating the controller with my feet while on Ambien. My cat beat the next five. There are games starring Elmo that are harder than this, especially […]

Slashers: The Power Battle

Slashers: The Power Battle Review

by Todd Blackon October 28, 2017
There was a time when fighting games  were the most popular thing on the market. Between arcade titles and console games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat, people couldn’t help but get into battles with their friends or random people they met. Fighters have since evolved, but the feeling of those old games haven’t […]

Pop Geeks Reviews The Asylum’s Zoombies

by Johnny Capson October 19, 2017
Johnny Caps here. I was recently asked to review the movie Zoombies, an Asylum release from 2016 which is screening tonight, October 19th, at Cinemark Theaters as part of their screening series of films from the studio, written about recently by our own Peter Paltridge. I’ve certainly heard of The Asylum’s work, and a lot of […]

Maize Review

by Nathan Gibsonon October 15, 2017
Maize is one of the most difficult games to explain to someone else who has never played it. It is essentially a first-person adventure game with a touch of Monty Python-inspired comedy. Following a misunderstanding between a group of researchers and government officials, a crop of sentient corn is created and it is your job […]

Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron Legendary Defender Season 04 Review

by Todd Blackon October 13, 2017
I’m of two minds about Voltron Legendary Defender, especially this fourth season. On one hand, the writers clearly know when to bring the intensity, the game-changing episodes, the great moments, the beautiful music and more. But…then there’s times where I have no idea what they’re doing, and part of that is the reason why Voltron […]