King Cohen Is On A Rampage – Documentary Film Review

by Adam Popeon June 17, 2018
According to King Cohen, a new documentary from director Steve Mitchell, the filmmaker Larry Cohen is a bulldozer of creative force who broke through “the rules” of Hollywood to create a slew of films that shattered racial stigmas and skirted the boundaries of good taste. By looking back over the life and career of this […]

Astro Movie Review – Will it send your imagination into orbit?

by Adam Popeon June 15, 2018
Astro, an original sci-fi film available now from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is an involved story of a meeting between interstellar races that does not skimp on character development. Emerging from the mind of writer-director, Asif Akbar, Astro does manage to be unlike other genre films, but will it send your imagination into orbit? Find […]

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Review

by Justin Jon June 14, 2018
You can’t escape from crossing fate, but how does Blazblue Cross Tag Battle fair out?   Blazblue Cross Tag Battle has been no stranger to controversy leading up to its release. Between questioning the price of the base game, putting half the roaster behind a paywall, and the price of the collector’s edition compared to […]

Might & Magic Elemental Guardians Might & Magic - Elemental Guardians

Might and Magic Elemental Guardians Review (iOS)

by Todd Blackon May 31, 2018
The Might and Magic series has been around for some time believe it or not. It’s had some ups and downs, but more often than not it’s been a solid RPG series. And now, the series has been revived for mobile platforms via Might and Magic Elemental Guardians. A turn-based RPG of sorts that’ll have you […]

End Trip Movie Review – Psychological Thriller From Aaron Jay Rome

by Adam Popeon May 21, 2018
End Trip, the psychological thriller from writer-director Aaron Jay Rome and prolific pictures will make you think twice about tapping the screen to order your next Uber ride. This moody, character driven film slowly taunts the viewer with the unsettling ideas of stolen identity as it reveals the intentions of its mentally disturbed killer. Find […]

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 Review

by Todd Blackon May 19, 2018
As I sit down to right this review of Deadpool 2, I can’t help but think…how can I write this without spoiling some of the best twists in movie history? Ok, maybe I exaggerated that a little bit, but much like Infinity War a few weeks ago, Deadpool 2 brings some big surprises in both […]


RWBY: Red Like Roses Anthology 1 Manga Review

by Todd Blackon May 18, 2018
I have a very interesting history with RWBY. I only got into the show because one of the main characters, Yang, was in an internet show I love called Death Battle. She faced Tifa from Final Fantasy (and won). But as they were doing a breakdown of Yang and the world of RWBY, I became […]

The Jurassic Games – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon May 11, 2018
Don’t let the name fool you, while The Jurassic Games may sound like a slapped together title meant to cash-in on the popularity of The Hunger Games and this summer’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, ignoring this balls to the wall thrill ride from Emmy winning director, Ryan Bellgart would be a dino-sized mistake. Hold onto […]

Gehenna: Where Death Lives – Movie Review

by Adam Popeon May 10, 2018
Gehenna: Where Death Lives is a horror adventure film from writer-director, Hiroshi Katagiri featuring appearances by genre veterans Lance Henriksen and Doug Jones in a time-bending story that will freak you out and teach you more about the frightening history of Saipan than you ever wanted to know. Speaking of which, what exactly do you […]

Starship Corporation

Starship Corporation Review (Steam)

by Todd Blackon May 9, 2018
In the realm of video games, space is a place of infinite possibilities in terms of story and game design. All sorts of titles have been made that put a twist on the space exploration and combat and story sagas that have been made over the years, and Starship Corporation definitely does that in its […]


Battletech Review (Steam)

by Todd Blackon May 4, 2018
I’ll be fully honest here, I only loosely knew of BattleTech before playing it, and I was not a part of the gaming generation that grew up on the tabletop version of the game or the MechWarrior titles that were out on console. So, I honestly went into this game with an open mind and a […]

Omega 1 Is Too Tough To Die – Comics Review

by Adam Popeon May 2, 2018
Though Omega 1: The Hacker Wars may not be counted among infamously delayed comic book stories such as the multi-month gap between issues for Kevin Smith’s Batman Cocophany and The Widening Gyre or the whopping 3 year delay for issue 3 of Smith’s Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do (you might be noticing a […]