Black Panther

Black Panther Review

by Todd Blackon February 17, 2018
You’d think after nearly ten years of films set in one universe that Marvel would be running out of ways to tell good stories, or that the “origin stories” of their heroes would be getting old. Yet, with the arrival of Black Panther, we can happily say that it’s not the case. This is a […]

Attack Of The Earthlings

Attack Of The Earthlings Review

by Todd Blackon February 10, 2018
The classic “invasion” storyline goes as such. Aliens invade Earth, Earth fights back, and eventually (9 times out of 10), the Earth wins and the aliens are driven away. It’s a classic tale. Attack Of The Earthlings though decide to switch things around. As an Earthborn corporation called Galactoil have landed on a planet that they REALLY shouldn’t […]

Wulverblade (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon February 10, 2018
The side scrolling beat ‘em up was one of the most popular types of game in the early history of gaming. Consoles had a steady stream of these games releasing every year while arcades were dominated by the genre. Despite this early success, beat ‘em ups have largely fell out of favor in recent times […]

Tiny Metal

Tiny Metal Review (Nintendo Switch)

by Todd Blackon February 8, 2018
There’s a misconception in video gaming that genres are uniform, when they are clearly nothing of the sort. For example, if you say “shooter title”, there’s first-person, third-person, there are even top-down shooters, and they all play differently. The same goes for strategy titles. Some strategy games go in real-time, while others are turn-based, and […]

Inoperable Movie

Inoperable Is A Maze of Time Travel Hospital Horror – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon February 6, 2018
Imagine the 1993 Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day was set in a gore splattered Haunted Hospital Halloween Maze and you have Inoperable, a frightening February release from Zorya Films and ITN. This time-bending horror adventure by writer/director Christopher Lawrence Chapman has some interesting ideas and the star power of horror icon, Danielle Harris in front […]

Cute Little Buggers Is Hopped Up Horror-Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 19, 2018
If you miss the days of trashy VHS horror with high body counts, lowbrow laughs and plenty of skin, Cute Little Buggers is about to make your day. This British made horror film is anything but proper, with a tongue in cheek mash-up of the horny aliens/killer animals sub genres that will have you smiling […]

Surge of Power Revenge of The Sequel

Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 4, 2018
Need your fix of super-hero cinema before Black Panther pounces into theaters this February? Well Surge of Power: Revenge of the Sequel is a January release that’s got more comic book fun and celebrity cameos than you can shake a pyramid tipped rod at. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense later. As a comic book reader […]

2047 Virtual Revolution Movie

2047 Virtual Revolution – Movie Review

by HojuKoolanderon January 4, 2018
While some might consider 2047 Virtual Revolution to be nothing more than a stylish homage to Blade Runner, it is Guy-Roger Duvert’s laser focused vision that manages to guide the film into a genuine futuristic adventure with its own voice. Let get right to it, I really enjoyed 2047 Virtual Revolution. I’ll also admit that […]


Bridge Constructor Portal Review

by Todd Blackon January 3, 2018
Portal and Portal 2 are some of the most beloved puzzle games of all time, and a proud member of the Valve library of titles. Bridge Constructor is a game that tests ones building skills in order to see if they can complete a task and get vehicles across a chasm or impassable gap. You’d […]

Post Human W.A.R - Visual

Post Human W.A.R Review

by Todd Blackon December 23, 2017
What happens when humanity is gone? When all people of all races have died, and now the world is full of empty cities? What shall remain? Well, in Post Human W.A.R, a lot remains, and it’s the building blocks of a fascinating strategy game that’s now available on Steam. As you try and make your way […]

Genetic Disaster

Genetic Disaster Review

by Todd Blackon December 19, 2017
One of the most fun parts of gaming is the ability to play with your friends and just go nuts on something. Whether it’s a fighting game, a racing game, a multiplayer shooter, or something else entirely, it’s just fun to hook up with friends and have some fun. It was no doubt with this […]

The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi Review (Spoilers Ahead!)

by Todd Blackon December 16, 2017
When Star Wars The Force Awakens brought back that galaxy far, far away, there was a bit of divisiveness from the fanbase. On one hand, this felt like a “pure” Star Wars tale, one that had shaken off what the “prequels had done”. Yet, on the other hand, there’s no doubt that a lot of […]