hartley sawyer

Hartley Sawyer Bumped To Regular On The Flash

by Peter Paltridgeon June 18, 2018
You’re going to be seeing a lot more of Hartley Sawyer next season on The Flash; the show producers announced last weekend that he has been added to the regular cast. Sawyer plays Ralph Dibny AKA Elongated Man, the TV version of which has proved polarizing among fans. Some viewers can’t stand him for his […]

stranger things game

E3 2018: Telltale Announces Stranger Things Game

by Peter Paltridgeon June 15, 2018
Telltale Games have become world-renowned experts at taking story-rich properties and mining them for their full potential, whether the property is as obscure as Fables or as permanently zeitgeisty as Batman. Now they’re going back in time (no, not Back to the Future…they already did that one) to the early 80s — the era of […]

kid flash

Kid Flash Is Departing Legends, The Flash And Everything Else

by Peter Paltridgeon June 7, 2018
When Legends of Tomorrow returns for its fourth season this fall, Kid Flash won’t be one of the characters on it — despite his migration from The Flash to Legends being set up this previous season. In fact, he won’t be on The Flash either, nor Arrow or anywhere else. And the reason for this […]

luke cage

New Luke Cage Clip: Misty Knight Throwdown!

by Peter Paltridgeon June 4, 2018
Luke Cage is coming back later this month for a second season, and we’ve got what may be the best clip yet. As we covered earlier, this season Luke meets Bushmaster, a mysterious fighter who doesn’t need performance enhancers, powerful armor or special Luke-piercing bullets to make waste of him. It’s the first time Luke […]


FX’s Legion Renewed For Third Season

by Peter Paltridgeon June 1, 2018
For a while, all evidence seemed to point to FX cancelling Legion after its second season (currently running right now). It’s getting abysmal ratings numbers, but the last thing we heard from the cable channel was that they were adding another episode onto the Season 2 order. Fans didn’t interpret this as a good thing […]

locke & key

The Locke & Key TV Series May Finally Happen

by Peter Paltridgeon May 30, 2018
Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s graphic novel series Locke & Key has had a bumpy ride in Hollywood over the last decade. It was first optioned as a potential TV series by Fox in 2011 (it would’ve looked like this). Hulu announced their own version in 2015, and produced their own take on the pilot […]

RWBY Volume 5

RWBY Volume 5 Arriving On June 5th for Home Entertainment

by Todd Blackon May 29, 2018
Rooster Teeth is known for many things, but one of the most notable feats is being able to create so many memorable IPs. It started with Red vs. Blue, but it’s blossomed into something much more. One of their biggest shows by far however is RWBY, the “American Anime” set in the world of Remnant […]

we bare bears match3 repairs

We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs Launches On Mobile

by Peter Paltridgeon May 29, 2018
We Bare Bears Match3 Repairs is the name of a new mobile puzzle game produced by Korean game developer SundayToz, in cooperation with Cartoon Network. You’re likely already familiar with the concept of a match-3 puzzle game; they were prevalent as cheap distractions even before phones became “smart.” This one, however, is skinned with bears […]

luke cage season 2

Here’s A New Luke Cage Season 2 Clip

by Peter Paltridgeon May 24, 2018
Luke Cage Season 2 will be here in about a month. As we saw in the first season, it takes a lot to bring down the human tank from the barbershop…but the first trailer revealed someone may just have his number, and the new clip deals with the aftermath of that revelation. Luke may have […]

doctor who

Twitch To Stream All Classic Episodes Of Doctor Who

by Peter Paltridgeon May 24, 2018
Doctor Who’s original unbroken run lasted for over 500 episodes, spanning 1963 to 1989. Seven actors played the role during this time, including some of the most famous (Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee). If you were to take six hours out of your day to watch all of them, and you began on May 29, you […]

The Flashback Interview: Pleasant Gehman

by Johnny Capson May 22, 2018
Pleasant Gehman is the definition of the phrase “renaissance woman”. Pleasant is a talent who has done a whole lot of work in multiple different fields, and done a great job with everything she’s tackled. She’s been a musician with groups like The Screamin’ Sirens and The Ringling Sisters. Under the name Princess Farhana, as […]

Cartoon Network Brings Back ThunderCats with their new ThunderCats Roar Animated Series

by Robert Stukowskion May 19, 2018
The ThunderCats are back again! However, they are not coming back the way you may think. Cartoon Network is giving the franchise the Teen Titians GO treatment with their upcoming animated series entitled ThunderCats Roar. Warner Bros. Animation recently announced the new cartoon series via Entertainment Weekly. This is not the first time we had a […]