aliens saturday morning

The Tale Of An “Aliens” Saturday Morning Cartoon Has Been Debunked

by Peter Paltridgeon April 17, 2018
Nearly a year ago, we (along with many other websites, don’t just blame us) reported on the possible existence of a pilot called “Operation: Aliens.” The proposed animated series would have ran on Fox Kids during the 1992-93 season, but it was cancelled, leading to a lot of offbeat “Aliens” merchandise suddenly appearing in 1993, […]

10 Movies Not Covered On VH1’s I Love The 80s

by Johnny Capson April 16, 2018
Back in my RetroJunk days, many of my articles were list articles, and many of those lists pertained to the pop culture of the 1980s. As a lot of these articles were written in the 00s, they were part of the first wave of 80s nostalgia, probably best exemplified by VH1’s I Love The 80s […]

Star Trek: Discovery, Spock

Spock Will Appear In Star Trek: Discovery Season 02

by Todd Blackon April 15, 2018
Star Trek: Discovery had a lot of risks going into Season 01. First off, it was a show being relegated to CBS All Access, the cable channel’s streaming service, so if you didn’t have that, you wouldn’t be able to see the show. Second, the series was to take place before the original Star Trek […]

Agent Carter

Hayley Atwell Says ABC Is To Blame For Agent Carter’s Cancellation

by Todd Blackon April 14, 2018
While Captain Marvel may be the first MCU character to be a lead in a solo film, fans know that the true first-lady of the MCU to get their own solo show/film was none other than Peggy Carter, played by Hayley Atwell. After stunning people in Captain America: The First Avenger with her powerful personality […]


We Haven’t Seen The Last Of Amaya On Legends Of Tomorrow

by Peter Paltridgeon April 13, 2018
Before the Legends of Tomorrow season finale aired last Tuesday, the showrunners hinted that one of the current team members could be leaving by season’s end. That character turned out to be Amaya (Vixen), who departed to her own time of 1942, to protect her home country of Zambesi. Given the position she was in, […]

Jessica Jones Season 2

Jessica Jones Confirmed To Be Getting 3rd Season, Will Remain On Netflix

by Todd Blackon April 13, 2018
When the Marvel/Netflix collaborations were revealed several years back, you could argue that of the four announced (not including Defenders), Jessica Jones was the hardest sell. For unlike Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist, which were all fairly standard superhero affair more-or-less, Jessica didn’t have that. For instead of a superpowered woman trying to save […]

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Executive Producer Says There’s Big Plans For Season 09

by Todd Blackon April 11, 2018
The Walking Dead is in an interesting place as a TV show. Despite it still being one of the most popular shows on TV, it has been seeing declines in its ratings. What’s more, this season brought a lot of controversy with the death of fan-favorite character Carl Grimes (who’s still alive in the comic) […]


Ava Bumped Up To Series Regular On Legends Of Tomorrow

by Peter Paltridgeon April 4, 2018
When the fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow (newly confirmed by The CW) begins this fall, Constantine won’t be the only character you’ll be seeing more of. Actress Jes Macallan has been promoted to series regular and her character of Ava Sharpe will be appearing in nearly every episode. One of the highlights of Season […]

Black Lightning

Stephen Amell Thinks Black Lightning Will Crossover With Rest Of Arrowverse

by Todd Blackon April 4, 2018
When Arrow became a hit on the CW, and shows like Flash and Legends of Tomorrow were created because of it, it was reasonable to think that they would crossover, and they did. Supergirl was born on another network, and then brought over to the CW. So, that took a little work to make the […]

Soon, You Too Can Visit The Upside-Down

by Peter Paltridgeon April 3, 2018
Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights has become a major attraction for the theme park over the last few years. Usually the latest event will be based around a popular movie or TV show with horror elements. For 2018 they’ve come up with the idea of recreating the Upside-Down from Stranger Things. Yes, you and all […]


New Gotham Trailer Teases What’s Coming Via Jerome’s Plan

by Todd Blackon April 2, 2018
Since its midseason finale, Gotham has been building to something rather big, and it has to deal with the one and only Jerome Valeska. A man many feelĀ is the Joker in this version of the DC Comics universe. However, despite statements to the contrary, he still acts like Joker. And in the last episode, Jerome […]

New Seasons Confirmed For The CW’s Comic Book Shows

by Peter Paltridgeon April 2, 2018
A week ago we reported that the producers of Legends of Tomorrow wanted to put Constantine in every episode next season, but that depended on there being a next season. In fact, none of the network’s shows had gotten word of a fall renewal yet and it was already April. Typical for any other network, […]