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donkey kong

E3 2018: Original Donkey Kong Gets Surprise Switch Release

by Peter Paltridgeon June 15, 2018
Donkey Kong is back pounding girders, and Mario is a carpenter named Jumpman once again! The game that put Nintendo and Miyamoto on the map is finally officially available on Switch, in its original form! No, it’s never truly happened before. Ports of Donkey Kong released for earlier Nintendo systems were missing the Pie Factory […]

stranger things game

E3 2018: Telltale Announces Stranger Things Game

by Peter Paltridgeon June 15, 2018
Telltale Games have become world-renowned experts at taking story-rich properties and mining them for their full potential, whether the property is as obscure as Fables or as permanently zeitgeisty as Batman. Now they’re going back in time (no, not Back to the Future…they already did that one) to the early 80s — the era of […]

for the king

For The King Adds Endless Dungeon Mode Next Week

by Peter Paltridgeon June 15, 2018
For The King is a unique strategy game from Curve Digital that features JRPG combat and roguelike features. All maps, events and quests are procedurally generated, making no two games the same. Now Curve is adding an Endless Dungeon mode so players can truly prove their mettle! Players will now be able to discover what […]

metroid prime 4

E3 2018: Where Is Metroid Prime 4?

by Peter Paltridgeon June 14, 2018
During E3 2017, Nintendo revealed Metroid Prime 4 was currently under production, with a simple graphic showing galaxies fading into the “Samus” logo. It’s been nothing but silence since then, and fans hoped they’d hear more about it this year. But there wasn’t a trace of it. Between this and the lack of Waluigi, it […]

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Review

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Review

by Justin Jon June 14, 2018
You can’t escape from crossing fate, but how does Blazblue Cross Tag Battle fair out?   Blazblue Cross Tag Battle has been no stranger to controversy leading up to its release. Between questioning the price of the base game, putting half the roaster behind a paywall, and the price of the collector’s edition compared to […]

Ubisoft E3 2018

Ubisoft E3 Overview

by Justin Jon June 14, 2018
Ubisoft brings more than expected to the table and in a fun way. Ubisoft usually has a decent E3 conference, however this year they have brought out a bit more compared to last year’s E3. From updates to Beyond Good and Evil 2 to gameplay of the latest installment of one of their biggest IPs. […]

Nintendo Direct e# 2018

Nintendo Overview

by Justin Jon June 13, 2018
While Nintendo’s Direct was a Smash Fest, there were treats to be had. The last of the big three companies had their presentation. Nintendo while focusing on Smash Bros in the second half of their Direct which can be found here. However we were given some announcements and details of other games. A few new […]

Smash Bros Ultimate details

Smash Bros Details out of E3

by Justin Jon June 13, 2018
Nintendo showcased the new installment of Smash Bros and gave us a lot to look forward to   This year’s Nintendo Direct gave us an in depth look at the new Smash Bros which has been officially titled Smash Bros Ultimate. From tweaks to the game, characters, and more. They gave it the spotlight for […]

Bethesda Conference

E3 2018 Bethesda Conference Overview

by Justin Jon June 12, 2018
Bethesda while just one company, brings out their heavy hitters, and jokes A light hearted conference filled with news, answering long awaited questions, and new games and content. If you want to see information on Fallout 76, go here. Other than that, here is the Bathesda Conference Overview. Rage 2 One of the first games […]


E3 2018: The Best Of The Playstation Presentation

by Peter Paltridgeon June 12, 2018
Another E3 for Playstation 4! After the machine-gun fire of trailers and reveals that was Microsoft’s E3, Sony’s quiet focus on just four Playstation titles felt a bit underwhelming. The games shown off looked great, but there’s a consensus that Microsoft won this year’s E3 despite showing far fewer exclusives. I’m still a PS4 man, […]


Wasteland Gets 30th Anniversary Bundle

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2018
There are many video games in history that can be called “trendsetters”, especially those that helped create or establish a genre. Mario did platformers, Metroid and Castlevania made a franchise their own, and on and on it goes. But for the genre of post-apocalyptic RPGs, that was all started with Wasteland. This series took a […]

Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Announced

by Todd Blackon June 12, 2018
The Just Cause series has been known for numerous things, not the least of which is over-the-top action, insane stories, and massive worlds for the players to explore. Just Cause 3 alone was massive in virtually every way possible, and players truly enjoyed modding the game on the level that Fallout and Grand Theft Auto […]