Expeditions: Viking Gets Abilities Video

by Authoron April 8, 2017
Logic Artists, the developers behind Expeditions: Viking, are gearing up for the game’s imminent release and as such have recorded a devs play video showcasing the latest in combat abilities available in Expeditions: Viking. This latest devs play arrives just three weeks before Expeditions: Viking is scheduled to release online and in stores on April 27, 2017. In […]

Goliath Gets Summertime of Gnarkness Update

Goliath To Hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4

by Authoron April 7, 2017
BadLand Games has partnered with Siberian developer Alawar Premium and Octopus Tree to bring award-winning sandbox action-adventure game GOLIATH to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. After stumbling through a mysterious rift, you find yourself in a bizarre new world consisting of jumbled fragments from dead civilizations and technological marvels of the far future. Factions battle each […]

Echoplex Hits Steam Early Access

by Authoron April 7, 2017
Echoplex, the thought-provoking debut title by indie developer Output Games, is now available on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac. In Echoplex, an eerie “echo” of yourself shadows your every move. Everything you do is repeated by it – and if you stand still for too long, it’s game over. The secret to surviving in […]

Conan Exiles Steam Early Access

Conan Exiles Launches Into The Dreggs

by Authoron April 6, 2017
Players can now enjoy an all new dungeon in Funcoms open-world survival Early Access game Conan Exiles. The new dungeon is called The Dregs, and in it you can explore the dark sewers which spread beneath the ruins of an ancient city filled with corrupting magic. You can check out a new video detailing The […]

Roots Of Insanity Hacks Its Way Onto Steam

by Authoron April 6, 2017
Take on the role of Riley McClein, an epileptic doctor who soon finds his usual night shift at August Valentine Hospital has twisted into something more dire in Roots of Insanity, a horror RPG now on Steam. A scream in the night pulls you from your office to find the hospital and yourself in a […]

Walking Dead The New Frontier Above The Law Review

by Todd Blackon April 3, 2017
It may seem hard to believe, but it’s been over three months since we reviewed Walking Dead Season 03: The New Frontier. That’s quite a gap, and while it’s true that TellTale Games did release the first two episodes at once, to have to wait so long for the third episode didn’t help things, as […]

Solstice Chronicles: MIA Unveils Survival Mode

by Authoron March 10, 2017
As Solstice Chronicles: MIA’s Fig crowdfunding campaign hits 94% of its initial funding goal, the developers at Ironward have unveiled a much-anticipated feature: Survival Mode. This mode is essentially the twin-stick-shooter equivalent of The Red Solstice, the team’s previous game set in the same universe, where you’ll fight off waves of oncoming enemies as you […]

PAX East: Space Sim Starfighter Inc. Announced

by Authoron March 10, 2017
Impeller Studios announced today the multiplayer debut of Starfighter Inc., a hardcore space combat simulator set in the solar system 200 years in the future, at PAX East 2017. Lead Designer David Wessman spoke about the game, and it’s upcoming Kickstarter campaign, saying: “We’ve shown that we know how to create an intense and immersive […]

Albion Online To Get New Beta

Albion Online To Get Galahad Update

by Authoron March 10, 2017
Sandbox Interactive announced, as well as released the trailer for, the upcoming Galahad update for their Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online which they are in the process of implementing over the weekend. Galahad will bring massive changes to the final beta and will allow players to explore Albion in a whole new and improved way. In […]

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Gets Release Date

by Authoron March 8, 2017
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, an open-world adventure across a beautiful island, will release on PlayStation 4 and PC on July 18, 2017. Developed by Prideful Sloth, a veteran team of former Rocksteady developers and an Activision producer, Yonder’s journey will follow a youth shipwrecked on the vibrant shores of Gemea, an expansive locale with […]

Coming up in Gaming – March 2017

by Nathan Gibsonon February 28, 2017
Following the relative lulls in the video game release schedule that traditionally comes after the holiday season, developer and publishers are set to begin to ramp up their efforts in March as they approach spring and summer. Of course, the biggest news for the month is the Nintendo Switch releasing, alongside a handful of launch […]

Dystoria Released On Steam

by Authoron February 21, 2017
Dystoria, a 360 degree Axis Shifting Space Shooter with core mechanics to fly at speed in any direction, on the surface geometry of each level, in a true 3D space, has been released on Steam. Players can navigate the precise and correct route to apprehend and destroy the enemy and collect precious orbs. The twist is your […]