Xbox One

The Sexy Brutale (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon May 10, 2017
The premise of The Sexy Brutale isn’t exactly clear from the name. It even takes a little bit of time for the game to explain exactly what it going on and what you will be doing. It turns out that the host of a mansion masquerade ball is missing and the staff are brutally murdering […]

How Much Better Is The XBox Scorpio?

by Peter Paltridgeon April 6, 2017
Microsoft recently gave some reporters from the website Digital Foundry a sneak peek under the hood at XBox Scorpio, the codenamed souped-up version of the XBox One that’s supposed to retail this fall. XBox has sworn up and down that this console will stomp the competition into the dirt tech-wise. Will it be worth a […]

Forma.8 (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 30, 2017
Forma.8 is a metroidvania that has been in development by MixedBag for the last few years. The first glimpse we got of the game two years ago suggested this could be an intriguing title and with its release, it is time to see if the two-man outfit from Turin, Italy have managed to deliver the […]

New Xbox Update Brings Faster Dashboard And Beam Streaming

by Nathan Gibsonon March 29, 2017
Microsoft has just released a new update for Xbox One owners that will begin rolling out from today. The latest download brings a host of new changes and upgrades, including a faster dashboard and the implementation of Beam streaming. Firstly, the Home screen that players are used to seeing when they fire up their console […]

Chime Sharp (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 29, 2017
Chime Sharp is the successor to the 2010 puzzle game Chime, which released on the Xbox 360 as well as a number of other platforms. It follows the same basic rules and has a similar appearance but has been expanded and upgraded in several key areas. With the multitude of puzzlers available across the Xbox […]

Xbox Games With Gold For April Announced

by Nathan Gibsonon March 28, 2017
With April not too many days away, Microsoft have revealed the games that will make up the next month’s Games With Gold. As is usual, the collection comprises two Xbox One titles and two Xbox 360 titles, though all games are playable on the new console through backwards compatibility. Starting from April 1, players can […]

Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy To Hit Consoles

by Authoron March 17, 2017
Perfect World Entertainment have announced that they will be bring Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the coming weeks. This update features new endgame content including an adventure zone, an epic dungeon, a dynamic skirmish and a campaign which pits adventurers against a rogue group of four powerful mages, known […]

Metrico+ (Xbox One) Review

by Nathan Gibsonon March 16, 2017
From the very first instance of starting up Metrico, it is clear that it is a very minimalist experience. The visuals are sparse, the controls simplified, and the gameplay rather basic. Even the entire premise of the title is minimal, with you being charged with manipulating the world to overcome obstacles using your own movement […]

Street Fighter

Street Fighter IV Available On Xbox One Through Backwards Compatibility

by Nathan Gibsonon March 16, 2017
Capcom’s Street Fighter IV is now available for players to download on the Xbox One as it has been added to the list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 games. Anyone who has a disc version of the title or has bought it digitally can now play it on the latest console. Street Fighter IV originally […]

Xbox Adds Speech-To-Text Feature, Testing It In Halo Wars 2

by Nathan Gibsonon March 16, 2017
A brand new feature has been added to Windows 10 and Xbox One in the form of the Game Chat Transcription. It essentially acts as both a speech-to-text and text-to-speech service allowing voice communication between players to be translated into text on screen. However, the service is currently only available in Halo Wars 2, though, […]

Coming up in Gaming – March 2017

by Nathan Gibsonon February 28, 2017
Following the relative lulls in the video game release schedule that traditionally comes after the holiday season, developer and publishers are set to begin to ramp up their efforts in March as they approach spring and summer. Of course, the biggest news for the month is the Nintendo Switch releasing, alongside a handful of launch […]

Future Battlefield 1 DLC Revealed

by Nathan Gibsonon February 28, 2017
EA and DICE have unveiled the upcoming downloadable content that will be coming to Battlefield 1 in the coming months. The first piece of content is the They Shall Not Pass pack that is due to release this month, which will be followed by three more pieces of content over the following months. As has […]