Most classic movie monsters and slasher stars have been rewritten and rebooted countless times by now, but the one constant has always been Chucky the Killer Doll. Every appearance of his has been guided by the same writer (Chris Mancini), the same producer (David Kirschner), and the same voice actor (Brad Dourif). Of course, being ageless is easier when you’re plastic.

Whether silly or serious, every appearance from Chucky has followed one singular continuity, and according to Mancini this would still be the case with the eight-part miniseries he’s currently pitching around. Bloody Disgusting found out about the project when they interviewed him this week. He claims the breadcrumbs of the proposed show’s plot were ‚Äúdeliberately set up at end of the last movie.”

But would it be horror or comedy? Chucky has flip-flopped between them both, but Mancini says he’s aiming more for horror with the show. “The tone is dark and disturbing,” he says.

Mancini does have some prior experience creating scares for television — his writing credits include a few episodes of Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal and SyFy’s Channel Zero. Show Of Chucky (not the actual title) doesn’t have a home yet, but with so many buyers these days, it’s just a matter of time.

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