One of the hardest things to write in a film or TV show is a relationship. Not because romance is hard per se, but how you convey it between two actors on screen can be difficult. If it’s forced, no one will believe it, same with if it comes too easy. It needs just the right balance, or, a hook that’ll keep you coming back. For Agents of Shield, the FitzSimmons romance has been one that’s been brewing since Season 01, and via the latest episode in Season 05, it’s finally gotten some purchase.


In tonights episode, “Fun & Games”, Fitz made his move and saved both Gemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson (Quake) from the clutches of the Kree. After doing so, Simmons proposed (Fitz did earlier, but she couldn’t hear him), and he said yes. In an interview with ComicBookResources, star Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson), talked about what it meant, and when the duo will finally get married.

“I just know that Coulson, and I think everybody who discovers that finally Fitz and Simmons are engaged… It gives them a renewed sense of purpose to get home and get things back to normal so that these two are never driven apart again and that maybe someday, in Season 9, we can see them actually get married.”

Given everything that’s happened to them in these 4 1/4 seasons, it might take that long to get married. However, we expect a quicker resolution.

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