Have you ever wanted to be a cat ninja? What’s that? You never thought about it? Well you should! Because if being one is anything like Claws of Fury is describing, you’re going to want to be one! Claws of Fury is an indie game on Kickstarter right now, and they’re trying to make a truly fun and exciting game that’s a mix of two gaming generations.

How so? Well, the game is reminiscent of old-school arcade beat’em ups. Linear story, tons of bad guys to beat up, the works. But, in a testament to new school thinking, your cat ninja can learn over 40 skills, and you get to choose which skills they use in battle. That’s right, your character is totally customizable, so have them be the cat ninja that you want them to be!

Don’t think that’ll make the game easy though, because like a Roguelike game, death is forever, and your cats soul will transfer to another cat, which will grow both your power, and your enemies power. Afraid to go in alone? Fear not! For Claws of Fury has co-op play so you and your friends can save your cat ninja master from your enemies!

The Kickstarter is live now, and it’ll be that way until September 30th, so if this sounds like your kind of game, you should go and pledge.

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