You want more Constantine, you got it…..a lot more. From cancelled NBC series to cameos in the CW-verse to his own animated string of shorts, John Constantine is certainly…constant. Now comes word that the Legends of Tomorrow producers are planning to give him a permanent seat on the Waverider when they get around to making Season 4.

Constantine already showed up in a January episode of the series, and he’s scheduled to make a second appearance soon. Apparently they take a shine to him.

Legends is kind of putting the cart before the horse here — they have not been officially granted a Season 4 by The CW. However, it’s extremely unlikely the show wouldn’t be returning next season. Ratings are consistent (for that network) and they have yet to actually cancel any of their DC shows.

What we don’t know is what this means for the lineup next year. Assuming Wally West and Zari, the two new additions that joined this season, stick around, that would equal eight crewmembers on the Waverider if Constantine joins. Is someone planning to leave? At this point I’m attached to them all and can’t bear to think about losing any of the current members. Let’s hope they have enough rooms and rations on that ship to go around.

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